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Birth Registration Helpline Number All District in Bangladesh Call Now

This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. The process of birth registration in Bangladesh has been started since 2006 but now birth registration is being done digitally.

Have you applied for a birth registration and after applying there may be many questions about your birth registration which is very important to know or because of any complications it is very important to reach the upper level about your problem. A special help for you is to use a helpline number for any complications of birth registration. You can contact directly there and mention your question problem.

Currently, one of the biggest problems faced by the registrants is the digitalisation of birth registration in the light of old birth registration. In this case, you are facing new problems in digitizing due to the mistake of the old birth registration certificate.

Although there are various errors in the birth registration certificate through the website, many have encountered errors whose exact direction is nowhere to be found online. If you are in such a situation then there is nothing to be disappointed as you can contact the help number directly and report your problem in pure language.

Birth Registration Helpline Number

Starting from every district of Bangladesh, Upazila and Union Parishad local government has been collecting birth registration information for a long time. If your child is six months old, contact the local government council now and register your child’s birth.

For error in birth registration information, you must ask directly to talk about your problem. So far no helpline number has been published by the government of Bangladesh. However, it is hoped that soon a special number will be introduced in every district and upazila for direct communication to the Union Parishad and Municipality.

Since the birth registration helpline number has not been introduced yet, if you face any problem, you must contact the office of the Municipal Union Parishad or City Corporation directly and talk about your problem. Authorities will listen to your problem and instruct you to apply as a solution to the problem. It is hoped that your problem will be resolved within 7 days of applying.

Birth Registration Helpline Number Dhaka

Note that if you are a citizen of Dhaka Division, a special helpline number has been arranged for you. In order to form a local government, all the local municipalities of Dhaka metropolis, union parishads and citizens belonging to city corporations have to contact the nearest parishad directly due to any kind of birth registration problem.

However, a discussion meeting has been called for the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation and the mayor of South City Corporation. It is expected that the birth registration helpline number will be released soon.

Birth Registration Helpline Number Rajshahi

If there is any problem in the birth certificate of all the districts including Rajshahi, you can contact it directly to the nearest Municipality Union Parishad or City Corporation. Moreover, as a citizen of Bogra, you will get the solution of your problem by contacting the officer of any local council nearby.


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