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In this age of information technology and the availability of smartphones, we all have a mobile phone. Due to mobile phone usage we must use one or more SIM cards in mobile. You have an operator number that is saved to your closest friends and relatives who carry your identity.

Your number receives calls from operators from different places so that you can easily verify their saved numbers from your mobile’s call history. However, in many cases it is seen that in addition to our saved contact list, calls continue to come from many unknown numbers.

In a word, we are constantly passing the day between incoming and outgoing calls which is why our call list is often full. No worries, you don’t have to lose anything, although many times the numbers are deleted from our call history or we don’t usually see more than a hundred.

To get customers out of this situation, all the mobile telecom operators in the country have introduced several new features through which you can easily see your deleted call list or lost voter list. In today’s discussion we are going to show you all the information on how to check call list online. In addition to this, a scheduled discussion has been published on which websites and applications you can easily use to view the call list.

Check Call List through Website

Grameenphone Robi Teletalk Airtel, the five telecommunication operators in Bangladesh, have launched special arrangements to collect call history from their customers. With the advent of information technology, these telecom operators now collect all the information of their customers through their official websites.

If you are a Grameenphone subscriber, you will see a list of all your incoming and outgoing calls in the last six months by registering by providing your mobile number and personal information through e-care from GP’s official website. Not only the list of calls but also the amount of SMS you have used the internet, all the lists of the numbers from which the SMS came, you will get through E-Care.

GP Call List Check

In order to help you, we have discussed in detail below how to use the services of the official websites of five telecom operators in the country. So enter the website of the mobile operator you use and check your call list by registering by providing your mobile number.

Call List Check Online by App

Every telecom operator in Bangladesh has launched their own mobile application for any service to their customers. for Grameenphone users My Robi app for Robi users Airtel app for Airtel users etc. You can check the call list through the official application.

Robi Call List Check

First you need to log in to the Google Play Store and install the application using the operator’s SIM card. Provide the number of the mobile number you want to retrieve and enter the information that will be verified by you through the application. After entering the application, a list of incoming and outgoing calls to your phone will be displayed in front of you.

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