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Channel 24 News Presenter List, Contact Number & Social Links

Among all the private TV channels in Bangladesh, Channel 24 has managed to win the hearts of most people. If you want to know the daily news from different parts of the world instantly then you must follow the channel. This channel is ahead of the competition among the private channels, the reporters and news presenters here are sophisticated and far ahead of others in terms of quality.

We have been able to publish the list of news presenters they have from Channel 24 authorities through our website. 24 hours a day, the channel regularly broadcasts all the daily updated news directly, where the best news presenters of the country join by recruiting. So good news for those of you who are looking for the list of Channel 24 news presenters on the internet, we have listed them here as well as where they have their contact numbers.

If there is any information about any event in your area which you have telecasted through TV channel then you can contact them and share your information to telecast on TV channel. Due to which people from different parts of the country are currently asking about the number of channel twenty four news presenters and the social media pages to contact them. In the following part, we have published together all the information related to them that is available on the Internet.

News presenter girls always keep themselves busy to make them attractive to their viewers. Moreover, Channel 24 currently broadcasts their channel news directly for people of all walks of life. From six o’clock in the morning to twelve o’clock at night they have their own different programs every hour to every 30 minutes. These news programs usually have news presenters introducing themselves and revealing the trending news of different places or countries.

Channel 24 is currently playing a special role in delivering all kinds of information to us in a quick time. Due to which this channel has gained huge popularity all over the world and almost people from all walks of life watch this channel directly sitting in front of the TV set. In today’s article, those of you who want to know about Channel 24 news presenter list, you can definitely connect with the official numbers given here and give your personal opinion.

  • Israt Amin
  • Farabi Hafiz
  • Shanta Sharlin
  • Sabiha Nigar Dristy
  • Shanaz Shahriar
  • Nazia Khanom Kona
  • Faiza Rahlaa
  • Tomal Ashik Rahman
  • Mamun Ur Rashid
  • Papia Sultana
  • Faruk Abdullah
  • Wafif Rahman
  • Sharif ul Haque
  • Iqbal Ahsan
  • Rahman Rashed
  • Rezwanuzzaman Rajib

On the other hand, we will share with you all the information related to their social media activities like their Facebook page, WhatsApp number, etc. for you to communicate with their news presentation. Follow the instructions given above and try your best to collect all the detailed information and present all the information to you.


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