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Canada Revenue Agency is the revenue service of the Canadian federal government, and most provincial and territorial governments. The CRA collects taxes, administers tax law and policy, and delivers benefit programs and tax credits. For those citizens who have been living in Canada for a long time and are interested in participating directly and indirectly in every activity here, today we will share with you some special information about Canada Revenue Agency.

Generally a person has to pay income tax based on the source of income and the amount of his income per year and now a special server has been introduced to pay this income tax. So if you want to be a citizen of color you can definitely enter this server and you have to complete the login based on the correct information there. In this case, we have shared the complete article here for you where you are shown detailed information about how to open a new account from login and how much your tax will be.

CRA My Account Register

Since Canada Revenue Agency has been playing a special role for every person in Canada for a long time and if you feel the need to visit their official website, you have to login to their official server right now. But in many cases it is seen that you do not have an account due to which you have to register again. To help you in this regard, the correct rules for opening a new account have been disclosed.



For the purpose of registration first we have shared an official link for you and after clicking on this link a page will appear in front of you where you will see various options. You must provide correct information and we have specified what information to provide here.

Social Insurance Number

Email Address

Personal Details

TIN Certificate

All the information we have asked you to collect in the above section can be collected by you at any time and the basis for updating this information correctly after collecting it is only you being able to register. So on the basis of appropriate information you can definitely create your own profile and start working as a member of them.

CRA Login

Since your account creation is complete and you are logged in as one of their members, now you need to enter the official server with correct information. Since you are interested in paying taxes to the government of Canada, you must contact their agency. You have to log in to Canada Revenue Agency official server and if we want to tell you, you have to provide some information while logging in.

First we have shared a special link for you and whenever you click on this link provided by us you will be shown the login page. You must enter the username and password that you used when opening the account correctly. After providing the correct information in the appropriate place, you will see the login in the next part, after clicking on it, your profile will be entered and a total calculation of your annual income will be shown.

Based on the calculation, you will know the amount of money to be paid. Later you have to add your bank account number here and you can pay the amount you need from there through them. Through this you can now easily login on online basis and since this agency has been working for a long time so you can start working jointly with them.

All the information that we have shared for you in the above section is correct and if you follow our instructions correctly then you can definitely log into your account successfully.

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