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Dhaka Education Board Contact Number

Dhaka is the most popular and largest of the nine education boards in Bangladesh. Millions of candidates under the Dhaka Board of Education participate in the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate HSC examinations every year. The Dhaka Board of Education conducts various examinations every year by the authorities and the responsibility of controlling the examinations rests with the Dhaka Board of Education.

Moreover, most of the government examinations in the country are controlled by the Dhaka Board of Education. There are more schools and colleges affiliated under this Board of Education for which Dhaka Board of Education has taken full responsibility. Those of you who are studying under Dhaka Education Board would like to contact the Board of Education for any educational or any other need.

In this case, it is very important for you to know the contact number of Dhaka Education Board because by using this number you can contact any official of Dhaka Education Board. After contacting them you can easily find out any information and solve the problem.

Dhaka Education Board Contact Number

The authority of Dhaka Board of Education publishes the date of examination of all activities through the official website which they have. Dhaka Board is the center of all the nine education boards in Bangladesh. If you are studying in any school or college under Dhaka Board and you are involved in any kind of educational problem, you can contact the authority of Dhaka Board of Education to get rid of it.

The good news for you is that we have published the contact numbers of Dhaka Education Board for you through our website. You can choose any number you like from your part and contact all the officials under Dhaka Board of Education who are engaged in your work and report your problem.

  • Address: 13-14, Joynag Road, Bakshibazar, Dhaka-1211
  • Dhaka Education Board E-mail:
  • Dhaka Education Board Website:
  • Mobile Number: 01718-276557
  • Exam Control Room:
  • Phone: 029669815
  • Mobile: 01977733553

We hope the authorities know your problem and try to resolve it as soon as possible. Dhaka Board of Education is playing a huge role in the development of education in the country which is why the authorities of this board are always waiting to help the students. Stay tuned to our website to get contact numbers of any other Board of Education including Dhaka Board.

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