Dhaka to Sreemangal Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train is a modern and one of the most popular means of transportation in Bangladesh. The medium is spread all over Bangladesh. For the convenience of common people only. Trains run throughout the region in this country. Just like every route from Dhaka to the country. Many trains are also seen plying on the Srimangal route.

You may travel from Dhaka to Srimangal by many vehicles or by many processes. If you have never traveled by train from Dhaka to Srimangal. Then I would say you should collect the train tickets now. Through which you can go from Dhaka to Srimangal. Because train is a vehicle through which you can easily reach Srimangal without any risk.

Moreover, train fares are very low compared to other vehicles. Which is a very economical aspect of people. Besides, you can enjoy a very beautiful moment as a result of traveling by train. Which cannot be done by any other vehicle. So if you are thinking of traveling by train from Dhaka to Srimangal.

Then I’d say you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article we will give various information about Dhaka to Srimangal route train. Which is very important for you to know. We will inform you about Dhaka to Srimangal route train schedule and fare/ticket. After knowing that the Dhaka to Srimangal train journey will be much easier for you. So let’s find out all the information.

Dhaka to Srimangal Train Schedule:

All the trains that run to Takatak are the very famous trains of Bangladesh which have been plying on these routes for a long time.

Parbatya Express (709), Jayantika Express (717), Upaban Express (739) Kalni Express (773), these trains are running from Dhaka to Srimangal regularly. So if you want to go to Srimangal by train then you have to go through this train which is a very convenient mode of transportation for you. So know about the train schedule.


Train Name: Parbatya Express (709)

Departs from Dhaka at 06:20

Reach Srimangal at :06:20

Holiday: Tuesday


Train Name: Jayantika Express (717)

Departs from Dhaka: 11:55

Reach Srimangal at :16:10 time

Holidays: None

Train Name: Upaban Express (739)

Departs from Dhaka: 20:30

Srimangal reaches at :01:27

Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name: Kalni Express (773)

Departs from Dhaka at 15:00

Reach Srimangal: 18:57 Time

Holiday: Friday

You should remember these four train schedules well. You can take the train of your choice. So remember the time of your preferred train.

Dhaka to Srimangal Train Fare/Ticket List:

You don’t have to pay much fare to go from Taka to Srimangal. Because trains already charge low fares. No matter which part of the country you are going to, trains charge much less than other means of transport. So using train is necessary for all people. You can go to Srimangal with the fare you can get by train. It is never possible with any other vehicle with that fare.


Before going anywhere by train, you need to collect the ticket. Because without a ticket you can never enter the train. Moreover, if you enter, then you may have to face a lot of confusion on the journey. So, considering all these things, you must first collect the ticket from the ticket counter of the station.

And don’t go to collect tickets from anywhere other than the ticket counter. or take tickets of any other personality. By doing this you may have to face many kinds of harassment.

You must take it from the designated ticket counter at the station. Hope this information has made your train journey much easier. It can be assumed that you will not have any difficulty in traveling by train.


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