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Earn Money by Watching Ads 2024 through Websites & Apps

We all know that money can be earned online. But have you ever thought about earning money by watching ads? Yes, friends, today we will tell you the names of some of the websites that you can enter your website, create your own profile and see the regular ads to earn money.

Although there are many websites and applications in the internet world that give you the opportunity to earn money by viewing ads, we will introduce you to some of the trusted websites and apps from which you can easily earn money and get payment through the development of popular mobile banking services. So let’s not know how to make money by looking at Ed know.

How to Make Money Online by Watching Ads?

In most cases, to make money online we mean to make money by creating Google Adsense blogging or YouTube channel. However, there are other means by which you can easily earn money. There are various multinational companies that advertise various types of advertisements for their products and publish them through various websites.

You can earn money by looking at all these ads. In the discussion we have mentioned several mobile applications and website names and revealed that all the websites have gained trust by working for a long time. Although there are various websites on the internet that offer money to earn money, but they did not achieve. In today’s discussion we will introduce you to some of the websites and mobile applications from which you can easily earn money if you want.

Watch Ads and Earn Money without Investment

It is not easy to achieve anything in the world of internet but if you have the slightest skill then you can use that skill to earn money. In this case, you do not need any kind of investment. If you only have internet connection with a mobile or desktop, you will get a chance to earn money by watching advertisements. Part of the discussion we will introduce you to a number of websites that you can visit to create your own profile and earn money from there.

Best Websites to Earn Money by Watching Ads Online

Below we have listed some of the websites that you can use to earn part time income from advertising using your mobile phone. You can register for free on all these websites. So let’s find out how to earn money by signing up for free and watching ads.


Swagbucks is currently the most popular website to earn money by watching video ads. You must first create an account by visiting this website. In the next step, you will get the opportunity to collect SB points from your account by going to your video playlist.

Apart from viewing advertisements, it is possible to earn money from websites through various other means such as playing games, searching the internet and shopping online. Moreover, by answering various surveys, you can earn money through this website.

You can redeem your points through PayPal or Amazon coupons etc. The company is thought to have made more than $455 million in payments. You will receive $5 bonus as soon as you register on this website and you will have the opportunity to earn money from there as many videos and advertisements will be displayed later.


On this website you will be able to earn reward income in return for viewing the advertisement. Moreover, there is an opportunity to earn money by participating in various new services and shopping OK tours. As soon as you visit the link of this website you will see the sign up box. You will be associated with them as a member with the information provided there.

There is an opportunity to earn up to $5 by using online services from this website. Because it takes 3 to 25 minutes to complete your survey in a very short time.

You can use your computer or laptop to watch TV contacts to earn income by watching videos. Every day new videos will be added in front of you and you will see more than 30 ads every day.


We think Neobux.com is the website you need the most when your goal is to make money by advertising. This website, which is almost ten years old, has been working faithfully for a long time. You can earn money from this website not only by watching advertisements but also by playing games and quizzes. After earning money, you can tune your money through any of your mobile banking or PayPal account.


It is a website through which many people have been able to earn money. However, due to the age of this website, many people have not been able to gain the loyalty of the website and it is not possible to earn much money from the website.

However, you will get the opportunity to earn money without any registration fee. Visit this website now and complete the registration by providing all your details. Keep in mind that once you become a member of them, different types of ads will appear in front of you and you will be able to earn as much as five USD after seeing thirty ads.

In the above section, it is effective to earn money from each of the websites that we have introduced to you. We have provided you with information about all these websites as we have faithfully earned a lot of money.


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