GP Missed Call Alert Service On/Off Code 2023

Grameenphone is one of the most popular and leading telecom operator in our country. The company has gained the highest customers all over the country by providing the best service. GP Missed call alert service is another helpful service for the customers.

Now all the Grameenphone users are able to activate the Missed Call Alert service. It is the most important service for those people who are living in a weak network area. It is the best way to know the all incoming calls which you missed for any reason.

Today, we are going to discuss about this helpful topic. The service has opened since 2007. However, it becomes popular when GP has started a big campaign. People are known the importance of this service. Lets introduce you with the service activation code and also the off code.

GP Misseded Call Alert Service

When your switched off your phone or visited a place where the network work properly, in this time any urgent incoming call can be reached to your phone number. But you missed it at this situation you can not alert for this. However, do not be worry for this because GP has announced a new service for helping the customers.

Banglalink Missed Call Alert Service On/Off

Now you can get the incoming call information if you missed the call anyway. But you need to activate this pack from Grameenphone. There are many people who like to activate this service. Lets introduce you with this best service of GP.

How to Activate GP Misseded Call Alert?

If you decide that you can activate the miss call alert service, then we can help you for this service. You have to follow our instructions and activate the offer .

  • You should go to your mobile message and type  START MCA 
  • You should send this SMS to the 26221 number.

There is another way if you face any problem by sending message. People are looking for the Missed Call Alert Service Activation Code. In this case, we are here to help you.

  • Go to your dial pad and dial *121*6*3*1#..
  • Then the service will be activated.

Note: You have to charged 10.00 Taka with VAT for activating this service.

How to stop Gp Missed Call Alert Service?

If you are not interested to use this service, you can easily stop the service. However, it is a service when you activate, you can not off this. Lets show you the accurate method.

For controlling this service, you go to the message option and type “STOP MCA.”Then this message send to the number 26221 or dialing *121*6*3*2#.

Note : You will be also charged for off this miss call alert service.


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