GP Recharge Offer 2024 – Low Price Internet & Minute offer

Good news for Grameenphone users because today we are going to talk to you about all the offers that come with GPS Mobile Recharge. Those of you who are using Grameenphone SIM are already aware that the mobile communication operator offers internet and minute packs at the lowest prices in the country.

Due to all these opportunities, the number of users of this operator is increasing day by day. As early as 2022, Grameenphone authorities have launched a number of offers through a new campaign and advertisement. Now Grameenphone users are getting internet and minute offers by recharging their mobiles. Besides, there is an opportunity to talk at the lowest rate in the country.

So today’s article is designed for those of you who are using Grameenphone SIM and want to know about recharge offer. We’ve compiled a list of detailed information on how much money you can enjoy on the Internet and minute offers by recharging this part of the discussion.

GP Recharge Offer 2024

Grameenphone’s internet and minute offer is now available by recharging a certain amount of balance on mobile. Grameenphone authorities have already sent detailed information regarding this offer to their customers via mobile SMS. For those of you who are interested in enjoying the recharge offers, we have provided detailed information about the offers here.

GP Social Pack

Recharge offer means to top up a certain amount of money on your Grameenphone number. By recharging that amount of money, money is not added to your mobile balance either internet or minute pack active hockey is called recharge offer. Like other mobile operators in the country, e4 offers are usually offered at a lower price.

Grameenphone offers new recharge offers every year which are either daily or expired. We have compiled a list below with the activation code of all the recharge offers that Grameenphone has and the amount of money that needs to be recharged.

GP Recharge Offer Check

We have already informed you that Grameenphone offers monthly recharge offers for its customers. But it is important to know if you are covered by this offer. There is a method by which you can find out whether Grameenphone is covered by the recharge offer.

Enter the Grameenphone official website and enter your Grameenphone number at the specified location. You can find out the details of all the offers in your mobile number.

GP Minute Pack

On the other hand, if you are using Grameenphone’s official application My GP App, you will get information about the current offers that are running as soon as you click on the offer by registering there.

In addition to these methods, you will receive a mobile message regarding GP offer from Grameenphone’s official number to your number. You do not need to check the recharge offer by dialing any USSD.

GP Recharge Offer List

For those of you who are looking for a list of Grameenphone recharge offers on the internet, we have provided the list given here on the official website of Grameenphone. In one part of the list we have mentioned how much money you have to top up the recharge offer and on the other side you have mentioned how much internet and minutes you will get.

GP Recharge Internet Offer 2022

There is special good news for Grameenphone Internet users. Because now you are getting many internet offers by recharging your mobile at affordable prices. By recharging 33 taka you now get 350 MB internet with three days validity. You can also enjoy 1 GB internet for 7 days with a recharge of 89 Taka. In addition to these there are several internet recharge offers which are listed below. You must recharge the main balance of your mobile for the same amount of money and enjoy these offers.


GP Recharge Minute Offer 2022

What if you can enjoy the minute offer by recharging? Yes friends Grameenphone has given this special opportunity for their users. Part of the discussion We have discussed for you all the minute offers and special call rates depending on the specific amount of Grameenphone recharge and have published a short list.


Observing this part of the list, we see that the minute offer is waiting for you to enjoy from 1 day to a month. You can enjoy different minute offers for a period of 30 days by recharging from Tk 14 to Tk 288.


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