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In this age of internet, when we are leaving our cash, you might have bought a new router from the market to connect your device to the internet. Whenever an internet user buys a router from the market then he has to go through all the reviews of the router. belongs to the private class of the IP addresses and it is used to access the Admin Panel of the Router.

In this situation you can now use TP-Link D-Link or any other router and you must enter the admin panel to manage all the activities of that router. To enter the admin panel, the IP address that connects your router to the Internet may be unknown to you. http // is the IP address through which you can now connect to the Internet with the router and manage the Internet connection of all the devices you have in your department.

Through today’s discussion we will share with you what activities can be performed using http // IP address and how to access your admin panel through this IP address. So you must read the entire article here and try to follow it properly after gathering the information from here.

http // Admin Login

Regardless of the brand of your router, you can now access your admin panel through a specific IP address. http // This is a working IP address and it is possible to change WiFi settings from your admin panel. However, to make any changes to your router, you must enter the admin panel.

First, your mobile or computer must be connected to WiFi. Then open any of your browsers and enter http // in the address bar and login to this website. Then you will see a login page in front of you where admin user id and password will be shown in a certain place. If you have not changed the diffuser name and password when purchasing the router, then click on the login option using the user ID and password. Then you will be entered into your admin panel.

http // How to Reset Password?

When a new router is purchased from the market, it is generally best to use the default user ID and password. It can be seen that users can easily get their user ID and password. But for the security of your internet connection, you must reset the password. Because the default password is internet usage, now you have to change it.

Enter your admin panel by entering the correct ip-adress and providing you username and password. If you enter the http // website, you will be shown the option to use user ID and password. When you enter the username-password correctly you will be entered into the admin panel. Next, enter the setting option and click on the wireless setting option. Enter your current password. Enter the new password you want to use. Enter the new password again. Your new password will be set in front of you as soon as you click on the submit option.

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