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Keppel Electric is a private electricity company in Singapore playing an important role in bringing electricity to every home in Singapore. Established in 1997, this company has won a place in the hearts of Singaporeans in a short span of time by providing only electrical supplies. This private company owned by the government has now opened branches in every part of Singapore so that people can easily get electricity supply.

At present, this company has been able to deliver electricity to more than one and a half lakh residential places. If you have procured electricity from this company then you must follow their policies. Moreover all the institutional information is now updated through online due to which their official website has been launched.

In this way their customers can easily make a connection with them and you need to login to their official website to know the correct information about your electrical condition. To this end, through today’s article, we have shared detailed information on how to login to the Keppel Electric website and how to register if you do not have an account. You must read our entire article here so that you can gather the right information and login to their website.

Keppel Electric Login – Customer Portal


For your information, we have shared here the specific rules for logging into the Keppel Electric website at the beginning of the discussion. First of all, to login here, you must complete registration and have a username-password. If you have username-password then follow our instructions. First click on the link that we have shared here for you. Enter your username and password in the appropriate space. If the information is correct then click on the login option. Finally you can access the Keppel Electric profile.

Keppel Electric Bill Payment

Keppel Electric is doing all the operations digitally so now you don’t need to stand in long queues to pay your electricity bill. Now you can pay electric bill from the comfort of your home in no time through mobile banking services. Keppel Electric authorities are now providing this facility to their customers. To make bill payment online you have to login to their website first.

After login to the website click on bill payment option. Then write the number of the meter that has your meter number in the upper part of your electronic bill. Enter the amount of the bill received in the space below. Finally after submitting your bill online payment is completed.

Keppel Electric Customer Service Hotline Number

Keppel Electric company has now made so many arrangements for their customers that now if any kind of electronic problem occurs then you get their customer support 24 hours a day. A hotline number has been opened for their customers that you can call 24 hours seven days a week. Customer service officers are always available to help you and they are always ready to solve any problem you may have. After calling the hotline number, explain your problem to them and they will try to solve your problem in a short time.

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