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Money Making Apps in Tanzania 2024 – Best Money Earning Apps (Payment Proved)

Among the educational means of earning online, the most popular one is earning through various types of applications. Mobile earning has become a trending topic all over the world including Tanzania. Earning online is very easy now if you can do small tasks then using these applications you can earn easily from home.

Although you will be familiar with various types of applications on the internet that tempt you to earn money but it is seen that in most cases you will not get its payment on the condition of working for a long time in all the applications. But the good news for you is that today we are going to introduce you to several mobile apps that will help you make money. So you must read our articles carefully and try to follow them properly after collecting the important information from here.

Top 5 Money Making Apps in Tanzania

With the touch of information and technology, many countries around the world have been able to improve their economic conditions, among which Tanzania is one. If you are a citizen of this country then you are definitely getting an opportunity to earn money from home using mobile apps. However, if you don’t know which apps are effective for you, you may be cheated.

Many of you have questions in your mind that how these ads will pay you and how to earn money through a1s. First of all, when an application is launched on the Internet, it is widely promoted so that within a short period of time, the number of users of this application increases and downloads the apps from the Google Play Store. To do this, people around the world are usually given special opportunities to earn money.

Real Money Earning Games in Tanzania 

That is, if you refer these applications to your friends and relatives, then you will be given money in return. On the other hand if you create a new account here then you will be paid by signing up the exchange. Moreover, these applications have different kinds of advertisements and special arrangements for watching videos which you will be paid in return if you can watch them regularly.

Now let’s find out which mobile apps are there in Tanzania that will help you to earn money, we have made a short list here. Install any application of your choice from the Google Play Store from the following section and complete each task step by step by registering there. You will see that every day you can easily use 20 to 30 dollars from all these applications.


Smarthela is a mobile application which is launched in 2021 on google playstore. Currently, this application is in great demand in Tanzania and the application has been downloaded more than 400,000 on Google Play Store. If you want, you can install this application on your mobile phone immediately. There are usually some special tasks for their users that you can earn by completing them, such as offers making money online programs through referrals, watching YouTube videos, spinning, and other services including teaching forex, blogging, and airtime services.

Mula Empire 

Mula Empire is a mobile application that is currently providing the opportunity to earn money in Tanzania. If you have enough time then you can start working on this application. But you have a good way to earn money using this application in your spare time. Mula Empire through this app you are given a special opportunity to earn money by referring. Download the application and complete your registration first.

Earn Money Online in Tanzania 

Next you have to edit your profile and after editing the profile you will be given a referral code. If you share the referral code with any of your friends and relatives in the future and if that person downloads this application using that link, then you will be given 5 dollars in return. Moreover, after logging in this application, different types of video ads will be displayed in front of you, which you will get points by clicking. Later, these points can be easily transferred to your account through PayPal.


Eazycash refers to the blogging and trivia agency that is available in five different countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria. Eazycash offers different services, including trivia questions, referrals, and spins. They also award the best marketers on their platforms daily.


Premise is currently being given the opportunity to earn from Tanzania through a widely known application. The applications are now available in the Google Play Store very easily. You can earn by doing several things through this app, such as you will be asked different types of small questions, if you can answer all these questions jointly, then rewards will be given. These rewards can be transferred to your account later.

Moreover, if you can record detailed information about the list of customers of various international companies and the reviews of their products, then you will be given money in return. So you may have realized that if you have enough time then you can earn very easily using this application.

Earnings from Royal Smart

Currently, this application is the most popular among the applications that are being used to earn money in the Google Play Store. The city of Tanzania is widely known in several countries of the African continent due to which you can now join this app through blogging, trivia quizzes, and referring other users. So you understand how it works and verses what kind of work you need to earn.

All the applications that we have published here with you are reliable and have been working for a long time, so if you can work here, you will definitely get paid. Most of the applications that have been in them are given the opportunity to add through the PayPal account. That is, you can easily withdraw your earned money through PayPal account. You can do these tasks from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone.


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