MTN Mobile Money Charges 2024 Withdraw, Send Money & Payments

MTN mobile banking service has gained great popularity in several African countries, due to which people use this banking for money transactions. If you are living in Uganda, Kenya or Nigeria and want to transfer any amount of money from one end of these countries to the other end, M Ten Mobile will play the most important role for you.

In the case of money transactions, the bank authorities deduct several charges from you. Due to which we have to pay a certain amount of VAT to the bank authorities so that they can carry out banking activities. In this situation we would like to tell you that MTN is running a massive campaign to launch mobile money program and recently they have reduced their transaction charges a lot.

Due to this the users are more interested in using this mobile banking and they are transacting a lot of money every day. There are many among you who want to know about the amount of money deducted as a charge in MTN mobile money transactions. In order to inform you, we have published here the charge list given by MTN application and by visiting their website.

MTN Mobile Money Charges in Uganda

There are various costs involved in running a bank which is why if you use mobile banking services you will be charged a fixed amount for money transactions. Charges are deducted based on your transaction regardless of how much money you transact. Due to MTN mobile’s popularity all over the world including Uganda, many people want to use them with special features.


MTN is a mobile banking service through which you can send money from one bank to another within a short period of time. But in this case you have to spend a certain amount of money which will be deducted as a charge. We have compiled a list of their fixed charges for you and shared information about how much money will be deducted when dealing with any bank.

Withdraw Charges MTN

Remember that if you send a large amount of money from your MTN account, you will have to withdraw the money within a short period of time. In this situation, you can contact any MTN agent and withdraw your money easily from the nearest agent’s shop. In this situation you have to provide your MTN mobile banking number and PIN number so that your money can be withdrawn very easily. Charges will now be deducted from your account based on the amount you withdraw later. With draw charges are shared for you in the following part.


MTN Mobile Money Payment Charges

You can now make any type of payment very easily through this mobile banking service. In addition to online shopping, you can now easily pay for various types of educational work or electric bill payment. However, if you withdraw or make a payment, you will be charged separately for the payment. Below we have shared the information about how much payment charges will be deducted for you.


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