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Refer and Earn Apps in Ghana 2024 – Earn Up to GH¢1000 by Referring Friends & Family

Earning money from the online sector by doing small jobs is very popular all over the world including Ghana. Among all the sources of earning money in the online sectors, the most popular means is referral income. You can now earn money from your home anywhere in the world. But today we are going to share with you an easy way to earn money from the country that is Ghana.

Money is one of the most valuable things in our daily life without which we cannot go for a moment. You may be involved in some work but then you need to earn extra money even to keep your family happy. Those of you who want to earn extra money can now earn money by referring from home within a short period of time.

Many of you have questions that how to earn money by referring and what is referring actually. I would like to tell you that referral is when a link is shared, that is, when you share a link of an app or a website among your friends and relatives, it is called referring. If you want to earn money by referring from Ghana, then we have mentioned several applications here for you that you can install and start working.

Top Refer & Earn Apps to Help You Earn Money

Ghana is a small country in Africa. This country has developed a lot in information and communication technology due to which the number of smartphone users in this country is very high. For those of you who want to earn money by referring, here we have shared a list of several applications that give you a special opportunity to earn money. You must install the applications with the names of the applications mentioned in the following section.

  • PalmPay
  • Kuda
  • Abeg
  • Trove
  • Fairmoney
  • Risevest
  • Opay
  • JumiaPay
  • PiggyVest
  • Chipper
  • Expertnaire
  • Umba


This application is generally used for mobile money banking. Recently this application has given special opportunity to earn money for every users. You immediately install this mobile banking application from the Google Play Store and complete the registration by providing all your personal information. When you become a member of them after the restoration, you will earn points by referring your friends and relatives.

Watch Videos & Get Paid in Ghana

In this way, when you refer your friends and relatives to use this app, points will be accumulated in your account. Later your points can be withdrawn through PayPal account. If you want, you can use the gift card to do various kinds of shopping as well as recharge your mobile phone. So without wasting time install this application immediately and use it.


As part of the discussion, we are going to introduce another mobile banking application for you. If you can share a link to download this application among friends and relatives and if someone installs it using that link, then you can earn 200 Naira per referral. Kerala does not have any branches of mobile banking which makes it an important marketplace for them to promote themselves in the online sector.

Refer & Earn Apps in Nigeria 

By installing this application, a golden opportunity is being given to earn money by referring to several countries in Africa including Nigeria. Through this application you can take loan at very low interest and you can use the amount of money you earn from here for your loan. So you understand how important this application is in your life.


If you have transacted a large amount of money every day, then a new application is giving you a special opportunity to earn money by transacting and making payments. This application has gained extreme popularity in several countries of South Africa including Ghana. Abeg provides a platform for financial activities like airtime recharge, money transfers, and giveaways.

You will be paid 750 naira when you share the link to create a profile or page to your new friends and relatives while your friends who create an account will be paid 250 naira. You can earn more by engaging in unique bonus-earning giveaways, which have a growing list of people displaying their goodwill within the community.


If you want to invest and earn money from the online sector, this application called Trove gives you a special opportunity to earn money in the stock exchange. You can now earn a lot of money through this app by buying and selling shares from home. Having some assets is a good method to grow wealth, and with your Trove application, all you need is an internet connection and an account to start building the future you’ve always wanted.

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When you inspire others from Ghana by using this app to download this app you will have money in your account. Later you can withdraw the earned money through PayPal account. So if you have proper instructions to use this application then install it immediately and earn money.

Currently Ghana has been able to improve their economic status due to the improvement of information and communication technology. In this situation you should do all these online based jobs to strengthen the country’s economy more. If you can follow our instructions properly then surely you can earn money by referring successfully. Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read the article from our side.


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