Teletalk Minute Pack Offer 2024 List with Activation Code

Teletalk is the only government telecommunication operator in the country.  Due to which these mobile telecom operators have been providing various services to their customers for a long time and as a Teletalk SIM user you are getting all the attractive offers. 

Teletalk has recently launched a multi-minute bundle pack for its customers that allows you to talk to friends near and far outside the country for very little money.  Today we have a list of Teletalk minute offers as well as how to buy and activation codes.

Teletalk Minute Offer 2024 List

At the beginning of the new year, Teletalk mobile companies have offered minute offers for their customers at affordable prices where we see that it is now possible to talk at a lower rate than the previous year. 

In addition to the official website, every TV channel is now publishing Teletalk minute offers.  We have compiled a list of every minute bundle pack of Telecom Company and we have published it here hoping that you will get a lot of benefits.  Let’s not waste time looking at the list of Teletalk’s minute offers and buy any one of our choice.

Typically this telecom company has launched three term minute bundle packs based on girls where we see pomegranate and monthly packs. 

Daily packs can be used 24 hours a day, pages 7 days a week and monthly packs 30 days a month.  If there are users, they can buy minutes of any duration of their choice.


How to Buy Teletalk Minute Pack?

Given the above we have made a list with each bundle pack and minute offer of Teletalk but as a Teletalk customer you will definitely want to buy it very easily. 

However, there are many of us who do not know how to buy Teletalk minute packs for whom we have presented this information in detail here. 

USSD Code or Recharge :

You can easily buy Teletalk’s minute pack by mobile recharge or dialing USSD code.  In case of mobile recharge, your minute pack will be activated only after recharging the amount of money required for the minute package displayed in your list.  On the other hand, if you have enough money in your mobile balance to buy minutes, you can buy minutes by dialing USSD code.

Official Website :

Teletalk mobile operators have unveiled their new website that provides all their information as well as the latest offers at the moment. 

This website has been created for the purpose of customer service so if you want to buy any minute pack from Teletalk then you can visit the official website and as soon as you enter here click on voice option then you will see your minute bundle pack.  You can dial any minute pack displayed.

25 Minute 14 SMS @ 13Tk Offer

The good news for Teletalk subscribers is that a few new minute offers have been launched where you can receive minutes as well as mobile SMS. 

It will cost you 13 taka only to buy a small minute pack and if you want to buy this offer via USSD code then you must dial or recharge this amount for mobile.

Dial 11113# or exactly recharge amount 13 Taka

80 Minute 44 SMS @ 44Tk

Teletalk has launched a minute pack for customers of mobile operators at a slightly higher price where it is seen that you can get 80 minutes 44 mobile SMS with just tk 44.  Of course, no mobile operator will give you such an offer, so grab it now without wasting time.  If you want to activate the offer then recharge 40 taka on your mobile or dial as activation code Dial activation code111#.

175 Minute 97 SMS @ BDT 97

Teletalk has come up with a long lasting minute pack for those who have been talking for a long time about establishing relationships with your near and far friends and family.  You can now buy this month-long minute pack for 97 rupees.  To enjoy October you need to recharge 97 taka or dial 1111010# on your mobile.

Terms & Conditions

  • Any prepaid users of Teletalk are informed that they are eligible for this minute package offer. 
  • Purchasing a minute pack through recharge will not add any money to your main balance. 
  • Customers will be able to purchase these offers multiple times while they are running, depending on their needs. 
  • Purchased minutes can be used all day long on any mobile operator across the country.
  • If the subscriber subscribes to the twin bundle pack again throughout the validity, the most expired time will likely be considered.
  • Unused minutes won’t be added if you buy any Minute pack.
  • This offer is valid for additional notice.
  • The costs are inclusive of SD, VAT & SC.
  • Bundle Minutes doesn’t avail to FnF numbers.

Last Words

Finally, we would like to tell you that all the information provided by us is now available on the official website by visiting the minute packs, but the mobile company can change it at any moment. In this case, you need to visit the website regularly and keep the offer updated.


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