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Thanks to the advancement of information technology, we can collect any kind of information from anywhere in the world from the comfort of the internet. Now if you have a device with internet connection you can collect news from any part of the world. The router plays the most important role in connecting our devices to the internet network.

Although there are various types of routers available in the current country market, we always want to use routers of all the famous brands in the market. Internet users may know about the TP-Link router and may have already used this router in your home or office. To use a router, you must access its control panel so that you can control its settings as you wish.

Because of which after buying tp-link router you must login there. By logging to your TP-Link router settings page you will be able to change the password of your WiFi network and other settings such as SSID, LAN, and WAN Settings. So let’s know the detailed information about how to login to TP Link router.

What do you need to login to TP Link Router?

Whenever you try to login through any router then you need to collect several things. That is why below we have mentioned several things for you that you must collect before logging into the router.

  • A TP-Link Router
  • A PC/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet connected to the TP-Link WiFi network.

How to Login on TP-Link Router?

Part of the discussion we will show you how to login to the TP Link router. However, before logging in, I would like to tell you that you must collect a device and the device’s TP link must be connected to the network.

  • Now open a browser and type http://tplinkwifi.net/ in the address bar or you can use the Router’s IP address or to login instead of tplinkwifi.net.
  • Official page will appear in front of you where you have to provide username and password. If you have already changed the password then you can use the default password from the advanced options.
  • After that, if the information given by you is correct, then after clicking the login option, your TP Link router profile will be entered. You can now guide all activities and change password from here.

How to change the password of the TP-Link WiFi Network?

When you purchase a TP Link router from the market, they are usually provided with a default password. Because of which you must change the password of your router for the sake of security. In this situation, we have shared the correct instructions on how to change the password of TP Link.

  • Login to your TP Link admin panel using your username and password.
  • Then, go to Wireless ->Wireless Security.
  • Scroll down to the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK section with various interfaces displayed to you.
  • In the PSK Password field, type your new Wi-FI Password. However, for the security of your password, use uppercase letters of the English alphabet, various symbols, etc. in your password and make the length of the password more than eight digits.
  • If your given information is correct click on save option and your password is changed.

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