10.0.01 You are now connected to the internet using any kind of router that has a specific ip-adress. Generally an internet user can do internet browsing through IP address. Moreover, all the control panels of his router are now being determined through this IP address. In this situation if you are using tp-link tenda or any other router then you have a specific ip-address.

In this part of the discussion, we have given you detailed information about the 10.0.01 IP address instructions and the actions that can be taken to control all the activities of your router. So you must read our entire article so that after collecting the information from here you can enter your control panel using it. So without wasting time you must try to follow our instructions properly.

http //10.0.01 Admin

10.0.01 Usually this IP address is entered to you when you share the wrong website link by entering it in your address bar. As the owner of the router, you need to log in to guide all operations. In this situation, if you want to enter the admin panel using their IP address, then you must know the exact rules they have. For this purpose we have shared here their correct and proper instructions on how you can login to the admin panel.

First, enter your address bar and type 10.0.01 in the browser to search Google or directly enter it in the address bar. Next, a web page will be displayed in front of you. On that page, you have to provide username and password. If you have not changed your default username and password, then enter the password you used when purchasing the router. Finally you can enter your admin panel and from here you can give all the connection instructions of the router.

10.0.01 Pause

10.0.01 If your router has any problem while using this WiFi or there is any server problem on the website then you will be automatically paused by internet connection. Due to which, if you browse the website for an urgent need, then in this situation you can fall into extreme confusion. You can restart your router to get rid of it. Or wait a short time and wait for your page to load and hopefully you can execute successfully again.

10.0.01 Time – Enable Pause Time

Due to using the router for a long time, your work may be automatically blocked, which may cause you to fall into frustration. This will show your pause time and it is important to know the correct information about how you can get rid of it. 10.0.01 how to enable pause time know it from here.


10.0.01 Login using your username and password to know the status of your router whether it is running or not. On the other hand, we have shared a link here, if you click on polling, your cap will be entered in a page from which you can know the current status.

10.0.01 Xfinity

To use 10.0.01 Xfinity WiFi, now those who want to change their password to change all the information in the admin panel can enter the link. By doing this you will have a correct idea about all their activities. So you can follow all kinds of instructions starting from changing your password through the link that we are sharing here.

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