A Dream School Class 7 English 2023 – Unit 1.7 & 1.8 Chapter 1 Assignment

NCTB has now decided to give one assignment every week as per the new education system for class VII students. Because of which every eighth grader will now be evaluated based on these assignments. Looking at the seventh grade English subject assignments, we can see that the students are being assessed in a new way this year due to which you can learn something new from Chapter 1.

According to the 7th class book, there is a chapter named A Dream School in Chapter A and every school instructs the students to make assignments based on this chapter. As a student you want to know the solution of your assignment right now and how to do this assignment. We have shared here for you every rule in sequence so that you can easily get the answer of this assignment and given information about how to complete the assignment with complete paragraphs.

A Dream School – Class 7 Assignment

Students will write a poster about A Dream School. But as a student of class seven you never know about this poster writing rules that’s why right now we have shared your poster writing rules in detail and also how to complete your assignment. Below we have listed both your assignment solutions and posters in sequence.


A Dream School Poster Unit 1.7 

Students have to solve the assignment from Unit 1.7 and are asked to first refer to a poster for this solution. In this case, we mentioned writing this poster for you. You must know information about poster writing and we have taught you how to design this poster. However, in order to succeed in such purpose, you collect our information from here.

There will be several information about your dream school such as information about what your school will be like. You should first write about the best aspects of your school based on providing some information about yourself.

The Good Things of Your School.

You should mention here all the good aspects of your school. In this case, the teacher who teaches you well among all the teachers in your school or the good and significant aspects of your school should be mentioned consistently.

What you need your school?

Here you need to mention what your school needs, if your school needs advanced education to increase your knowledge of ICT sector, if you need some computer laptop or something else, you have to mention them. In order to know what is needed to make up for a school if it is not fully equipped, you need to know the qualities of an ideal school.

What should be improved and removed from your school to make your school a Dream School?

Make a list of the things your school needs to improve on here to consistently mention what your school needs. On the other hand, you can make a list to remove all the things that are better off in your school. Then you will have an idea of what is useful and what is not needed in your school.

A Dream School Poster Unit 1.8

There are several questions from unit 1.8 for class seven students and if they can answer these questions, the students will be able to complete a poster. Due to which we have shared the complete solution of that poster for you here. So you are getting the complete correct assignment solution of class seven from here with your own eyes.

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