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acx.com Earn Money in Kenya – Earn $168 Dollars Per Hour

If you love to read, then the good news for you is that the precious time you spent reading a variety of books can now be turned into a source of income in addition to spending your spare time on whatever you want. acx.com is a popular website nowadays where thousands of people are working daily and earning thousands of dollars daily. If you have the mentality of earning money online then you can choose this job.

Today this article is very important for you here we are going to share with you all the detailed information about how to earn through this website acx.com. As well as a special discussion about how you can reverse the income from this website. So let’s check some detailed information about how to make use of this time without wasting your precious time.

There are several ways to earn from this website, so you should use the work that you are most skilled to earn from here. Below we have given you specific instructions that you can follow and earn from this website by reading books while living in Kenya.

Audio Book Narrator 

What we are going to share with you at the beginning of the discussion is that you can use Audio Book Narrator if you want. You will get here any kind of book you know about any part of the world. Later you will have to audition and if your audition is accepted from Chatty website through audition then you will get special opportunity to record audio there.

Invest Money & Earn Daily in Kenya

If they like your review or book writing idea, they will pay you a fixed amount per hour as their staff. You can audition as a member by registering first. Later you will be paid hourly based on your audio recording. In this way you can earn very easily from Kenya by working on this website.

Voice Actor 

There is an easy way to earn from this website acx.com is Voyage Actor. If you are a melodious voice or if you have a beautiful voice then it will be much easier for you to do this. First you need to enter the website and create an account by clicking on the sign up option. After creating the account you have to audition for them i.e. the authority accepted your audition for Voyage.

If your voice is beautiful and if your manner of speaking is good then you can be employed as a voice actor. Currently, people from different parts of the world have used this website and submitted their voice recordings. Later, if you regularly submit audio recordings to them through their website, you will be billed hourly from there. By working through this website, you can earn huge amount of money every day.

If you can follow the instructions given above properly, then you will see that you can earn money on the basis of the website within a short period of time. You can earn very easily by following these two methods, there may be many things beyond that which are unknown to us. If you know something, then you can express it in the comment box below.


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