Anti Malaria Hormonal Test Price in Nigeria

It is a hormonal test and this hormonal test is very important. Usually, when a doctor asks you to undergo a medical test, if there is a medical test called AHM test, he must know what problem he thinks is in your body. Anti-Müllerian hormone levels are usually measured at night.

This test is done through whole blood. This test is usually performed on both male and female patients. Both male and female reproductive tissues produce this hormone and when the amount of this hormone is determined, it is known whether the male or female can conceive.

AHM test is usually done through a prescribed process. This important test is usually done for treating infertility. So of course if this test is referred to you by a doctor then you must do this test without sitting at home.

AHM Test Procedure

Usually it is a type of hormonal test to determine how many eggs are in a girl’s ovaries. By this the ability of the girl to get pregnant can be determined. Usually married girls are infertile for a long time so when she goes to an infertility specialist doctor he can get her tested.

If the specialist doctors ask you to do these tests, then you should not delay and follow the complete procedure. It is usually a hormonal test so you need to give blood to do it and this blood donation process is not like other blood donation procedures.

Who will conduct the AHM test?

Usually married men and women will take this test. People who have been married for several years but are not yet ready to have children can usually get this test done. It gives an idea about the number of eggs in the ovaries of women.

In the case of boys, this hormonal test can be used to determine the current status of the boys’ serum and through it, there is a high probability of a boy or a high probability of a girl.

How does an AHM test cost in Nigeria

Now let’s talk about the cost and the various good hospitals in Nigeria you need to visit to get this important hormonal test done. If you want to get anti malarial hormonal test, you must get this test done in a good lab because a lot of things depend on the result of this test.

Good doctors will always refer you to good hospitals in Nigeria but you need to check here. An AHM test can currently cost about N20,000 in good hospitals. Since most people in Nigeria are very poor, it is impossible for them to spend that much money. All things considered, you have to spend money so be sure to spend carefully.

If the test report is positive, then you should continue trying to conceive as usual. But there is nothing to panic if the report of this test is bad, there is a certain level according to which if you have the value of the report then the chances of having a normal baby are high.

If the report is very bad then you must try to consult a doctor and that doctor will give you some medicine by which this hormone will increase in your blood and you can get pregnant.

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