Birth Registration 2024 (Working Server)

Birth registration certificate is one of the most important documents in our life today. From school admissions to employment, we use birth registration. Bangladesh government is now conducting all their activities in a completely digital manner, in view of which a specific website has been created to conduct the birth registration process properly, on the basis of which the people of the country can now apply for birth registration online or collect the online copy of birth registration online. could

This website created in 2017 faces problems due to server complications at various times and you cannot access the website even though your birth registration is very important. is one of the busiest website and now a citizen can check every activity of his birth registration and current status of birth registration by entering this government website. Today we have given you information about how to register on this website and how to login online after registration is completed.

The birth registration process is now being conducted in a completely digital manner, in view of which you have to change it to a digital one if you have an earlier handwritten birth registration. Moreover, it is very important to register the birth of a child after birth, so go to your nearest municipality or union parishad office and register the birth as soon as possible. In case of birth registration you have to use the official server and only apply for birth registration on the basis of providing some information here. is a link on the basis of which now as a citizen you can enter the official server. However, in entering this server, you should know several information. If you have not already opened an account, open an account as soon as possible ie complete the registration. Then follow our instructions below to login to your official profile and check the current status of birth registration from there.


  • For any information related to birth registration or to login to their official server, log in to the website (
  • After coming to the web site, you will get various options in front of you, there you will get the option of setting the user name and pin number.
  • Enter the username and pin number that you used when opening the account.
  • If your user ID office number is correct, click on the login option.
  • Finally you can access your dashboard and from there you can now manage all activities related to birth registration.

Since you have entered your User ID and PIN number correctly and after clicking on the login option it is being entered in your dashboard. After entering the said profile, you can now manage every activity from there, ie you can apply online for birth registration, if the birth registration name is wrong, it is possible to correct the name, check the current status of birth registration, etc. Follow the instructions given here until you get the solution to the birth registration server complexity problem and if you use the link we have used correctly you will get the solution to all the birth registration problems.

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