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100+ New Bengali Comment for Facebook 2023

Facebook is one of the most popular social media nowadays. Especially the Asian continent has the largest number of Facebook users. The reason behind the popularity of Facebook all over the world is that its social media uses some features that you will not find anywhere else. As a Facebook user you have already opened an account and many friends and relatives have been added to your account.

When a picture or status is shared from your Facebook profile, you will see that your friends list or those who follow you comment on different things. Commenting is a popular feature on Facebook so we always keep it open from our profiles. As a Bengali you must want to express your thoughts in your own language.

But there are many of us who have a poetic attitude that makes it a point to make comments on its own that never match others. In a word, they make unique comments. There are many people who cannot make such comments but they want to make their friends and relatives happy by commenting on Facebook. They always want to collect some nice comments from the internet which can be shared from their Facebook profile.

To this end, through today’s article, we have shared with you some Bengali Facebook comments as Bengalis. If you choose any one of the comments that have been shared with us here, if you comment on the profile or photo status of your friends, relatives, then they will undoubtedly get a lot of joy. So without wasting time select your favorite comment from here as soon as possible and try to use it from your account.

Bengali Comment for Facebook Text Funny

Facebook’s popular feature comment is the reason why we always want to express our thoughts in our own language. When a Facebook user shares something funny from his/her timeline, you must make a funny comment according to that picture or image. Many times it is seen that many people found the comment you made funny and they automatically liked your comment. Such comments can be taken in the minds of many people and people get an idea about your creativity. In this situation, we have shared some funny Facebook comments in Bengali for you. As soon as you pick a funny comment and paste it there, you will see that everyone starts liking you.

  • এক কথায় অনেক সুন্দর লাগছে আপনাকে
  • আপনিই আপনার তুলনা
  • প্রকৃতিক সৌন্দর্যের মতই আপনি সুন্দর,
  • আপনার ছবির চেয় আপনি বেশি সুন্দর
  • আপনার হাসির কাছে সবকিছু হার মেনে যায়
  • কী ভীষণ সুন্দর চোখ সরাতে ইচ্ছে করছেনা
  • আপনার সৌন্দূর্যের মতোই আপনার ব্যাক্তিত্বও প্রশংসনীয়
  • এ যেনো একটানা বৃষ্টির মাঝে রোদ ঝলমলে একটু আলো
  • আমি আপনার ছবির প্রতি এতটাই মুগ্ধ যে কোনো প্রতিক্রিয়া খুঁজে পাচ্ছিনা,
  • আপনার ফটোতে সৌন্দর্যের চেয়ে সরলতা বেশি প্রকাশ পায়

Vip Facebook Comment Bangla

Be it as a Bangladeshi or as a Bengali from any part of the world you must go when any Facebook user in your friend list has shared a status or picture and you have to comment there. While commenting we keep in mind many aspects i.e. a quality comment should be made in relation to the topic on which the user has shared the picture. In this case, you will definitely want to make VIP comments so that everyone’s attention can be attracted. Because everyone comments, but among them you must make such a comment that you can come to everyone’s attention. In such a situation, we have shared several VIP Facebook comments here for you which you can collect from here in your Bengali language.

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