Bunny Bundle Free Fire – Bunny Bundle Free Fire Glitch File

Free Fire is the most popular action game of the present time. Children of all ages are now addicted to this online based action game all over the world. If you have played this game then you might know that there are several events celebrated every two months. While playing free fire games, their character is given a lot of priority especially when one wants to present himself as a gamer character in front of other gamers.

Bundles are one of the most important parts of free fire games so all gamers want to collect them easily. To make your game more interesting and sweet, Free Fire authorities improve their characters through various events. The FIFA authorities provide special items here through their various events so that gamers who have them can use various tools by purchasing them. It attracts gamers, and ultimately the downloads of this game increases.

Through today’s article, we have shared with you all the aspects that are most in demand through the free fire bundle offer. You can select any character as per your convenience and choose the bundle offers. Here we have shared for you about their bundle offers as well as how to collect their Free Fire Glitch File in the same way.

Warrior Bunny Bundle

The warrior bunny bundle is one of the most sought after but least available bundles in the free fire game. Even if you want to, you can’t easily buy all these offers and you can’t update your tools. The process to enter this event is pretty simple; you have to draw a bunny’s face.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

If you want to get valves then you have to spin again and again. If you can screen continuously like this, then you can activate the warrior bunny bundle. Below we have shared some bundle offers that you will like.

  • warrior bunny head.
  • warrior bunny t-shirt
  • warrior bunny pants.
  • warrior bunny shoes.

How to Get a Warrior Bunny Bundle?

In the above section we have shared with you about the Amazing Warrior Bundle Package but how do you know how to collect them. Since you don’t have any information about everything, you can easily buy these bundle offers by following the instructions below.


  • Launch the free fire game application from your smart phone.
  • The homepage of the official application of Free Fire Game will appear in front of you. From there click on store option.
  • Click here and crate option will appear in front of you. Click here.
  • Click on that crate option here you will find this warrior bunny bundle.
  • Then you have to purchase the loot box in which you will get this bunny bundle.
  • A single loot box will cost you 40 diamonds. So if you want to buy 10 loot boxes then you need to spend 400 diamonds.

Bunny Warrior Bundle Glitch Config File

Bunny Warrior Bundle Glitch Config File To use their glitches you must collect the files they contain. Here we will show you how to collect Bunny Warrior Bundle Glitch Config File and how to apply it consistently all the guidelines. We have shared a link below, click on the link and your file will be downloaded.

In the next option the file you get is published as a city zip file so you need to extract it. Click on the file to extract it and the file will be extracted in front of you in the form of a folder very easily. Extract the Bunny Warrior Bundle Glitch Config and add it to your Free Fire game. By connecting it with your game, you can enjoy the game very comfortably.


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