Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number 2023 | Private, Freezer Ambulance Phone Number

Chittagong is the second largest divisional city in the country. Although Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, various commercial establishments have been created around this city. One-third of the total population of the country lives in Chittagong division. Ambulances play the most important role in the treatment of any accident or emergency.

As a resident of Chittagong, the ambulance is playing a huge role in getting the patient to a good clinic in a timely manner for any emergency work. Due to which many people are looking for the ambulance service phone number in Chittagong. Through today’s article, we have made a list of all the ambulances in Chittagong division and published it with numbers.

So the good news for those of you who are looking for the contact number of Chittagong based ambulance service online is that we have officially collected all the numbers and published them through our website. Get the emergency number you need by talking directly to the ambulance from your nearest area and get treatment now.

Chittagong Ambulance Service Phone Number

Accidents can happen at any time in our lives and the best person we can help with is an ambulance. In the event of an accident, you must know the phone number of the ambulance as it is very important to get your patient to the hospital or clinic at the right time. Due to which it is important to have the phone number of the ambulance service located in Chittagong in your contact list.

In this age of information technology, everything is now available, which is why we have compiled a list of ambulance services in Chittagong city and all regions. Below we have published the phone number of Chittagong Ambulance Service which will be useful to you.


Private Ambulance Service in Chittagong

Private ambulances can reach you faster than government ambulances, which is why most people prefer private ambulances to government ambulances. For those of you who want to reach the patient by private ambulance in case of an accident, we have published the name and phone number of the private ambulance here.

Freezer Ambulance in Chittagong

For those who are looking for a freezer ambulance in Chittagong, we have published a list of all the refrigerator ambulances running in Chittagong. The following is a list of several countries with mobile numbers. You can contact them and get your patient admitted to the nearest hospital.

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