Dengue Test Price in BD 2023 in IBN Sina, Popular

Dengue is one of the most deadly diseases of the present time. Especially for those who live in the capital Dhaka, this disease has now spread widely. Currently, the number of these patients is increasing day by day due to the increase in infestation of Aedes mosquitoes. 600 to 1000 new dengue patients are being admitted in every hospital in the capital every day. Specialist doctors are already thinking that the number may increase more in the next two months.

If you have any symptoms of dengue disease, then you are eager to know if you are infected. In this situation, if you want, you can go to a nearby hospital and get your dengue test done. Different types of test prices have been determined in different hospitals of the capital. If you have dengue symptoms in your body, you can contact the nearest government and private hospital and get tested as soon as possible.

If you want to get a dengue test, then first you need to know how much money it will cost to get this test done. Although dengue tests are done at low cost in government hospitals, the tests there are not standardized, due to which we are dependent on private public hospitals. So if you want to know if you have dengue, you can get tested at these reputed public hospitals of IBN Sina & Popular.

Through today’s discussion, we would like to share with you about the amount of money that has been fixed for routine dengue testing at present. After collecting the information from us, you can contact any public hospital nearby and get your dengue test done there. So let’s know the detailed information about how much money is fixed for Dengue test at Ibn Sina Hospital and Popular Hospital without wasting your precious time.

Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh

The number of dengue patients in Bangladesh is increasing day by day since last few years. The number of dengue patients in Bangladesh hospitals has increased so much that they are struggling to cope with this current situation. Several steps have been taken by Bangladesh Ministry of Health through which dengue has come under our control. If you have fever for a long time then you can get your test done at the nearest hospital without wasting time.

Dengue test is easy for everyone, due to which a special booth for dengue testing has been launched in every hospital in Bangladesh. In these booths, the patient is being shown regularly by an experienced doctor and your blood test is also done. You can get dengue test now at low cost. However, for your convenience, we have published the price set for dengue test at Popular IBN Sina Hospital.

SL Test Name Test Price Previous Price
01 NS1 Antigen Test 500 BDT 1000 BDT
02 IgG and IgM 500 BDT 1000 BDT
03 CBC 400 BDT 1000 BDT

Dengue Test Price in IBN Sina 

If you want to get dengue test through Ibn Sina Hospital, this hospital has set a certain amount for you. Dengue test price notices are published at the reception of the hospital or on their official Facebook page. Answer Notice We see that if you want to get tested at Ibn Sina Hospital then you have to pay 500 taka.

Dengue Test Price in Popular 

Popular Hospital is another popular private hospital in Bangladesh where all types of diseases are treated in the country. If you have any symptoms of dengue disease in your body then you can get dengue test done at popular hospital very soon. Popular hospital authorities have released special instructions for their dengue test and you can now get the test at a low cost.

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