Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule & Ticket Price

We go to different parts of the country for different reasons. We need vehicles to go to all those places. In that case, we use many vehicles like bus, micro, train, we all use such vehicles. But compared to all the vehicles, you probably know which one looks best to you. I would ask you to choose the train as the only beautiful and comfortable mode of transport.

Because train is such a vehicle. Which fascinates people through its movement. As you may know train is a very comfortable vehicle. Even the train fare is very low. Which is a very good aspect for common people. Not all vehicles offer the same features we do.

Among all the benefits he gets from the train, the fare is very important. Usually we go somewhere in another vehicle. Then we have to pay a lot of rent. Again if we want to go to that same place by train. Then you have to pay less than that fare in many parts as a result of going by train. Which is a very beautiful medium for all people.

Many trains from Dhaka carry more or less every bread in the country. Similarly, there are many trains running from Dhaka to Comilla. So those of you who are thinking of traveling by train from Dhaka to Comilla. They have come to the right place. Because we will give you all that information today. which you need.

What should you do to come from Dhaka to Comilla by train? You can know all this through our post. All the information that we publish is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway Office. Let’s know all the trains that run from Dhaka to Comilla. About those trains,, and their schedules.

Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule:

All the trains that run from Dhaka. All those trains are: Pratibha Express (704) Coast Express (712), Mahanagar Express (722), Turna Express (742) Chittagong Express (68). The trains you noticed. These trains run regularly from Dhaka to Comilla.

So those of you who will go to Comilla from Dhaka. They can go on these trains which will be a very nice journey for you. Know about the schedule of all these trains.


Train Name: Pratibha Express (704)
Departs from Dhaka: 07:45
Arrive Comilla: 11:01
Holidays: None

Prem Naam Akashto Express (712)
Departs Dhaka: 15:20
Arrive Comilla: 19:01
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name Mahanagar Express (712)
Departs from Dhaka: 21:20
Arrive Comilla: 01:97
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name: Turna Express (742)
Departs from Dhaka: 23:30
Arrive Comilla: 03:20
Holidays: None

Train Name: Chatrala Express (68)
Departs from Dhaka :13:17
Arrive Comilla: 05:00
Holiday: Tuesday.

The times you noticed. Those times are fixed by the railway authorities. Out of which the train can never run. So those of you who are thinking of taking this train from Dhaka to Comilla. They know this schedule well.

Dhaka to Comilla Train Fare List:

You don’t have to pay much fare for these trains from Dhaka to Comilla. Almost all the tow fares are at the same level. For those of you who don’t know about train fares. Know them. There are many categories of seats in trains. The fare of each category seat is different. As known as the lowest seat (Shobhan). whose rent is the lowest.


But you can buy seats according to your affordability. It will make your journey a luxury. You may have learned a lot by getting these train related information. Which you need to know a lot. Hope you have a pleasant train journey.

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