Dhaka to Natore Train Schedule & Ticket Price

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Natore by train. Then you have taken a right and beautiful decision.
Which will give you a beautiful moment the moment you move from Dhaka to Nator without any hassle. So train is the best mode for you.

Train is one of the transportation in Bangladesh. Which is managed by the state. And all the facilities that are available through train travel. All these facilities are not available in any other vehicle. Trains play a very important role in people’s lives.

So those who are thinking of going by train from Dhaka to Nato. But how many will go. Or you have no idea about tension. We have given the information about all those trains here. Which is very important for you. You can know about trains through this post of ours. And you can know all the detailed information about train schedule and train fare. So know your writings completely.

Dhaka to Natore Train Schedule:

These are the trains that run inter-city from Dhaka. Ekta Express (705), Lalmoni Express (751), Hrityan Express (757), Rangpur Express (771) and Nilsagar Express (756).

All these trains are constantly running from Dhaka. So those of you who are thinking of going from Dhaka to Natore, you can go through these trains.


Now you can know about the schedule of all these trains.
Train Name:
Ekta Express (705)
Departs from Dhaka at 10:10
Natore will arrive at 15:10 time
Holidays: No

Train Name:
Lalmony Express (751)
Departs from Dhaka at 21:45
Natore will reach in:02:42 time
Holiday: Friday

Train Name:
Express (757)
Departure time from Dhaka: 20:28
Natore will arrive at 00:28
Holidays: None

Train Name:
Rangpur Express (751)
Departs from Dhaka at 9:10am
Natore will arrive at: 13:59 time
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name:
Nilsagar Express (765)
Departs from Dhaka at 06:40
Natore will reach :11:16 time
Holiday: Monday

This was the train schedule. Which you may have understood by now.
The train you are planning to take from Dhaka to Natore. Check the train schedule carefully.

Because after time you will not get the train again.
You have to remember the time. So that you don’t miss the train.

You can cover your 204.8km route in luxury only by train.

Dhaka to Nato Train Fare List:

From Dhaka we often go to different places in the country. In many vehicles. But a lot of money has to be paid during those movements. But if we travel by train to all those places then our fare will be much cheaper.
All the rules and regulations of the trains are running according to the orders of the Bangladesh Railway office.

So common people do not have to face any difficulties. All those trains run on time. There is no waste of time for the common man. If you want to go somewhere by train. Then you need to collect tickets first. And you will get all those tickets at the railway station delete counter.


You can purchase tickets as per your choice and within your affordability. Apart from that, the train fare calculation varies. A train has many different seating arrangements.

They are Shobhan, Shobhan Chair, AC, Non AC and many other types of seats. From there you will purchase a ticket according to the seat you can afford. From the ticket counter. Then you don’t have to face any problem on your journey. Hope you have a good journey.


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