Dhaka to UllaPara Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The best transport in Bangladesh is the train. Train is a vehicle that is loved by all people. Which is a very favorite vehicle for people since the beginning of train running. Train is a peaceful mode of transport. Where people get a lot of pleasure from moving. Moreover, the train journey can also be called a hobby journey.

In Bangladesh, trains run more or less in almost every region. Along with it, trains are seen running from Dhaka to Ullapara and almost. So those of you who want to go from Dhaka to Ullapara by train. These words are very important for them. Because today we are publishing here about Dhaka to Ullapara train schedule and ticket time.

Moreover, you will find some tips here. Read our complete articles which will be very useful in your train travel life. So that you can easily understand what you need to do to go from Dhaka to Ullapara.

Dhaka to Ullapara Train schedule

If you want to go from Dhaka to Ullapara. Then you need 145 km. way to go Which is a long way for you.
And the train is the only vehicle to travel long distances. Through which you will reach your destination very comfortably. Which other vehicles cannot give you that comfortable journey.

If you have traveled by bus from Dhaka to Ullapara then you might know. How difficult is it to go from Dhaka to Ullapara? Which is very dangerous for your body. Train is the only vehicle that can give you a pleasant journey. Let’s know all the trains that run from Dhaka to Ullapara. About them.


Sundarban Express (726), Lalmoni Express (751), Silk City Express (753), Dhumketu Express (769), Padma Express (759)

All these trains are constantly plying from Dhaka to Ullapara Road and their schedule is given below:

Train Name: Sundarban Express (726)
Departs from Dhaka at 8:15am
Reach Ullapara: 11:46 Time
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name: Lalmony Express (751)
Departs from Dhaka at 21:45
Reach Ullapara at :01:02
Holiday: Friday

Train Name: Silkcity Express (753)
Departs from Dhaka: 14:45 hrs
Reach Ullapara :18:29 time
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name: Cheetah Express (746)
Departs from Dhaka: 19:00 hrs
Reach Ullapara: 22:09 time
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Padma Express (759)
Departs from Dhaka: 23:02 time
Reach Ullapara at 21:00 hrs
Holiday: Tuesday

This was the train schedule from Dhaka to Ullapara.

Dhaka to Ullapara Train Fare List:

Since train is a vehicle its fare is applicable. Because all vehicles have to pay some fare for movement. Similarly, he has to pay the fare for traveling by train. However, in many parts of the train, you have to pay less than all other vehicles. Trains are a national mode of public transport.

Compared to that, the railway authority charges much less. Which is much less than other vehicles. In this case, many people benefit from train travel. Train movement should be for all people, it brings many benefits to people. The fares of all the trains you have noticed above are almost at the same level.


But as always the fare varies according to seat. Train seats are divided into several categories. Many divided train seats. You will choose your seat according to your affordability, by paying the fare according to that seat.
But you need to collect the ticket before boarding the train if available from the station ticket counter.

All the information you have been given so far. All these information have been collected from Bangladesh Railway Office official website. I hope all the information has been useful to you.


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