Gafargaon to Tarakandi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Currently, you can track train traffic on any route in Bangladesh. Because with all the improvements in Bangladesh, attention has also been paid to the train side, due to which the improvement of trains is seen constantly.

Along with this, the number of train passengers in every region has also increased compared to earlier. Nowadays, more train passengers travel by train because the trains are now more advanced and many facilities are available as a result of the train journey, which is why common people use those facilities.

Similarly, some trains ply from Gafargaon to Tarakandi route through which these types of people travel. But if you want to go from Gafargaon to Tarakandi, these trains can be a very good means of transportation for you.

So if you do not know anything about the train schedule and ticket fare on this route, then immediately know the Gafargaon to Tarakandi train schedule and ticket fare list according to your information.

Gafargaon to Tarakandi Train Schedule:

Know about the trains that run from Gafargaon to Tarakandi and their schedule.


Train Name Agniveena Express (735)
Departs Gafargaon at 13:05
Reach Tarakandi at 16:45
Holidays: None

Train Name Jamuna Express (745)
Departs Gafargaon at 18:57
Reached Tarakandi at 22:25
Holidays: None

You can easily go from Gafargaon to Tarakandi by train. You can travel very comfortably through these trains, because you don’t feel any jitters after the train journey. So make the journey beautiful and charming.

Gafargaon to Tarakandi Train Ticket Fare List:

You may all know that train is the state vehicle of Bangladesh. Or the train is operated by the government. Since the train is operated by the government. Because of that train passengers can enjoy many benefits. But the most convenient thing about Strangers is the fare.

Because common people can travel by train journey with very less fare. Bangladesh Railway office has given this opportunity. So the fare on Gafargaon to Tarakandi route is fixed very low. In these trains you can travel in different categories of fares. Because trains have different cabins. For which different rents have to be paid.


A train usually has a few familiar cabins. Like Shobhan, Shobhan Chair, First Seat, Snigdha, AC, AC Berth. All these cabins offer different facilities.
And have to pay different fares for that.

The lowest quality section here is the decorative section. If you want to take seat in this decorative section. Then you have to pay 115 rupees as rent. And if you want to enjoy maximum benefits of these trains. Then you have to pay Rs 466 as rent. In exchange of which you can enjoy the benefits of AC berth.

Also, you can travel at a very low fare through the sections that are there. But no matter which category you go from. In return you have to purchase tickets. Must buy ticket from station ticket counter as you can’t buy ticket. However, never purchase a ticket issued by another person for any reason. This can ruin your train journey.

Because there are many dishonest people. Who are cheating people by selling fake tickets. So if you want to buy tickets, you must buy tickets from the ticket counter of the station. It will do you well. You have learned all the train related information from this article. All these information are collected from Bangladesh Railway official website. We disclose this information only for your convenience.


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