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Singapore Electricity Provider. Switch your electricity into cheaper alternatives. Get a fixed rate for up to 24 months. Go Green with our Power Eco add-on. Geneco is the company that has played an important role in bringing electricity to every home in Singapore. Several years ago there was a shortage of electricity in Singapore, but now it is possible to deliver electricity to every house due to this electricity company.

If you have received electricity from Geneco company, then a special instruction for you is to visit their official website to follow all their activities. Recently the Authority has launched an official server to serve its customers where they can communicate with their electricity providers starting from their employees.

On the other hand, you can create your electricity plan by logging on to their website as a customer. Moreover, the good system of paying them online now is being done through the official website. If you want to enjoy this opportunity, you must log in to their official server. But in this situation, you may not know how to login through Geneco official website.

For the purpose of informing you, we have today shared the correct idea about how to log in to the Geneco website through the article and how to create a new account if you do not have an account. So you must follow our instructions so that you get the right information and know about it.

Geneco Login


Geneco electricity provider’s now launched their new server to do all the activities through online and provide their customers to login there. You can now login by visiting their official website using username and password. But in this case if you already have an account then you have to login with it and if not then you must open the account. Once you click on the login link that we have shared above, the login page will appear in front of you.

Geneco Bill Payment

Geneco has instructed its customers to make monthly payments as determined by the JBL. As a customer you must pay your bill before the deadline. You can definitely pay the amount of your bill through mobile banking service. We have shared a link here for you, if you click on this link, you will get an option of bill payment.

You must fill the form properly to mention the amount of your bill and mention all the banking information that you have mobile banking. Then you will see that your bill payment has been completed without any kind of problem. Thus it is now possible to pay their bills online.

Geneco Referral Code

Geneco authorities now have their official application, if you can share it among friends and relatives, vote for a referral. If you can use the said tax properly then in return you can now pay the bill online. Due to which there are many people who are now looking for this referral code. For them we have shared several referral codes here.

Geneco Promo Code

Geneco uses different types of codes for their promotions. If you are their customer and interested in their promotion then you can use these codes. By using these promo codes you can do different things and shop online in different markets. For your convenience we have shared some promo codes here.

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