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Hong Leong Bank Contact Number, Customer Service

Hong Leong Bank Berhad is a major public listed banking group in Malaysia. Hong Leong Bank Malaysia offers a host of personal financing products and services ranging from loans, credit cards, online banking, mobile banking and more. Being a Malaysian citizen, if you want to take any kind of home loan personal loan then you must approach the bank. At present, if you do not have capital then it becomes impossible for you to create an organization or start a new business.

Hong Leong Bank is playing the most important role among all the banks in Malaysia to escape from this situation. They currently have more than 100 branches all over Malaysia as well as several outfits where you can now open your own bank account and take loans without collateral. The bankers working here will usually help you in various ways so you will definitely be very happy using their banking services now.

You must resort to them if you face any kind of problem in making bank account transactions or doing mobile banking. So that your problem is solved in a short time. Hong Leong Bank has launched a Customer Service Center to serve its customers so that you can easily contact them wherever you are in Malaysia.

Think if there is any kind of problem in money transaction or if you have any kind of problem in using mobile banking apps, customer service will play the best important role to overcome this situation. But it is important to know a proper medium to present the problem solution to them because of which you need to know all the means of communication with them. For this purpose, you may have searched on the Internet to know about the means of contacting Hong Leong Bank.

If you want to know the exact information about Hong Leong Bank then you have come to the right place because here we have published for you the list of all their branches and sub-branches as well as the contact numbers to contact them have also been shared. So you can collect their numbers from below and now make a contact with them and inform about your problem.

For all your banking enquiries, call us at 03 7626 8899

Our Customer Relationship Officers are available from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
Our lost card and fraudulent transaction reporting services are available 24/7.

For media related enquiries, call us 03 2081 8888

There is no need to worry if there is any problem with the bank as there is always a customer support person working on their telephone number. Moreover, through WhatsApp you can give them your problem in the form of message and mention your information in the form of problem through the email that they have in the email id. Besides, you can solve the problem by giving them messages on all the pages they have on various social media.

From the above section, Hong Leong Bank thinks that if there is any kind of problem, they are getting the solution with 100% certainty. To know the contact number of any other bank or organization in Malaysia, you can say it in the comment box below. We are always ready to share accurate information with you. Collect our contact number from here without wasting time and solve your problem by contacting them.

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