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Email is the best information technology that we have by our side in our daily life to connect with each other and to exchange any information quickly. In addition to the Google mail service, now you can use Microsoft’s mail if you want. Microsoft is one of the most popular and largest company of today and you can run your computer and other devices under this company.

In using Microsoft’s various programs, you must use an email address and to use this email address, you must first activate it. There are many people who do not have any information about Microsoft’s Hotmail and in order to reach them, we have shared detailed information about how to login to Microsoft’s Hotmail through today’s article.

Those of you who want to create a new email or already have an account and are just interested in knowing how to use that account, then try to follow the instructions below correctly. We think that the information provided by us will help you to open hotmail or if you have an account, it will play an important role in logging into your account.

Hotmail Sign Up

At the beginning of today’s discussion, we will first share with you information about how to open a new Hotmail account. We want to tell you that in today’s era it is very important to have an email address and if for some reason you cannot collect this email address you may face various problems. Even if you want to use a popular service like Microsoft, you have to use their Hot Mail service.

So let’s share with you detailed information about how to sign up Hotmail. But I would like to tell you that you must first follow a certain rule when using this service. So try to follow our instructions properly without wasting time.

  • First open any browser on your mobile or computer and click on a special link (signup.live.com/signup) provided by us.
  • After clicking on that option, an option will appear in front of you where you will get sign in and sign off option.
  • Since you want to open an account as a new user, click on the sign up option.
  • You will be asked for various information such as your name, your address, your mobile number and the type of email you are going to use.
  • If the information you use is correct, a verification code will be sent to your phone number in the next part and you can only sign up based on this code.
  • Finally whenever you put your verification code here you will be given the right option to login.

Hotmail Login Password

Once the Hotmail account creation is complete you can use it later but in this case you should know the correct login details. You will need the new email user id number that you used while logging in. On the other hand, if you used a specific password, you must mention that password correctly. So let’s see how to access your account using the login password.


  • First we have shared a special link for you and after clicking this link (login.live.com/login.srf) a web page will appear in front of you.
  • After entering the web page, click on the login option.
  • Enter your username and password correctly.
  • If the information you used is correct, finally click on the login option and you will be entered into the account you have.
  • In this way you can share different types of videos with your information images to any email user from one end of the world to the other.

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