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KooBits designs and builds digital products for children and educators. KooBits was founded in 2007 by current CEO Stanley Han, with Professor Sam Ge Shuzhi and Dr. Chen Xiangdong. This popular education technology company in Singapore has expanded its reach across Singapore. Established in 2007, this popular education technology department has been dominating for over a century.

All the students and staff who are studying or working here generally want to login to their website. Because their activities are now being done online due to which many people are interested in entering their official server and logging in using their username and password. In this case we can play the most important role for you which is why we have mentioned here step by step all the procedures of login with them.

Here is detailed information on how to login as a student and login as an employee. You can verify this information based on our discussion and here you get the opportunity to perform all activities online by entering your dashboard. Moreover, if you have any kind of problem to login, then you can say it in the comment box below, I will try to solve it.

KooBits Login New


KooBits has recently been able to change their old official servers to their bodies after a long period of use. Due to some complications in the server, many students and employees could not login to their website due to which their new server was added suddenly. If you have an account then you can login through the new server now. We have shared here the link of their newly launched website for you. By clicking here you can enter the login option and now you can access your dashboard using your username password.

KooBits Login Old Version


Even after adding the new server there are many people who are interested in using the old server. Because you have been using that server for a long time, the website is very familiar to you and you know a lot about the categories that are there. No need to worry because you can use the old version they have now if you want. However, if you have any issues using the old version, you must log in to the new server.

Member KooBits

You can become a new member of Koobits by logging in to the official website or if you still have an account on their website. In this case, we have shared an app registration link for you, click there. Provide all your personal information using your email address or a mobile number. Finally a verification code will be sent to your email and after verification you will have a profile created here as a member.

Student KooBits Login

All the students who have been studying here for a long time can now log-in using their own user ID. At the beginning of the discussion, we have given you a link to login, click there. Enter your user ID and password in the appropriate space. Finally, if your username and password are correct, click on the login option. In this way you can join their official server and do all kinds of online based activities.

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