https //192.168.l.1

The advancement of information technology has touched every aspect of our lives due to which now we can communicate with the outside world within a short period of time. All we need now to communicate with people in foreign countries is the internet and the router that is used to connect the internet to our devices. There are various company models of router available in the current market but the most popular among them is tp-link router.

After buying the router, we usually connect our devices there so that you can use the internet very easily. But to access the router and its full review, you need to access their control panel. Although there is a default setting to authorize, we need to change it when we are in a router.

https //192.168.l.1 accessing your router admin through address will allow you to change the settings and configurations that your router software provides. Due to which we have shared detailed information about how to login https://192.168.l.1 and how to change the password if you forget it in this article. So you must try to follow our instructions properly so that any kind of setting of your router can be done easily.

https //192.168.l.1 Login

https //192.168.l.1 is an IP address if you enter it from your browser while connected to the Internet, you will understand where you are being entered here. Whenever you write the link, a login page will open in front of you. Active username and password are given by default when buying router, if you use it, you must enter your current username and password. You can know all the status of your current router as soon as you log in. Even from here you can control how many people are connected to your router and its speed.

https //192.168.l.1 Change Password PLDT

Generally a password we don’t use our router for a long time. Because of which it is your responsibility to use the password of the router after some time. In this situation, there are many people who do not know the correct information about how to change the password of the router. In order to inform them, we have shared here the special information through which you can now change your router password in two ways.

If you look a little you will see that we have shared a link here Click on polling. Then you will be shown a place to write the username and the current password, write it appropriately. After your login, go to the control panel and click on the advanced option. In the next step, you will see an interface named Change Password as soon as you click on the password option. After entering the place, enter your current password. Enter the new password you want to use twice. Your password has just been submitted.

Based on the information given above, you have come to know about every function of the routers that are using this IP address. So if you need then definitely click on the link and enter there and complete your work on time.

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