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The code is obtained through access to the Saudi National Digital Identity Management portal. This service aims to provide multiple options for SIM cards. Those of you who live in Saudi Arabia may have purchased many SIMs for your own use and while purchasing these SIMs, your National Identity Card is requested. The system of registration for SIM only through digital mode has been introduced through the said national identity card.

A person can easily register up to 12 SIMs using his National Identity Card and even you will be shown information about all the SIMs registered on the basis of your National Identity Card on the basis of this website. Since you are a resident of Saudi Arabia, you can now register digitally by connecting with all the mobile operators and SIM companies here.

Although a government website has been created to update any information related to SIM registration, based on that website you can now login and by logging in there, only your registered SIM list can be shown. Today we have shared with you detailed information about this website which you must follow and get your registered SIM list based on correct information.

www.iam.gov.sa Login

To listen to the discussion we are going to publish the official website created by Saudi Arabia government to show their registered SIM list. Then you can login to your profile in a short time if you want based on this website. In this case, we can help you and if you want to follow our instructions correctly, login to your profile based on your correct information.

At the beginning of the discussion, we have shared a link for you based on which you can first enter the official website and after clicking there, a homepage will appear in front of you, where you will get an option to write a National ID Card number at the bottom. Enter your National Identity Card number or ICMA number correctly and enter the next step.


But while entering the official website you must select the language in which you are going to login. In many cases it can be seen that the entire page is shown in Arabic language as soon as you enter the home page while logging in. From there you can select any language at your convenience. If you prefer English language then definitely select English. On the other hand, if you like the Arabic language, you can choose the Arabic language.

Iam gov sa authservice

Here we have shared another link for you where after entering a SIM user will see the list of SIMs that are currently registered based on any of their operators. Then if you want, click on the link that we have given here and enter your profile correctly. Then from there the list of SIM registration with your national identity card will be shown.

iam.gov.sa STC

There is good news for STC SIM users because you can now access this site on the basis of the official server and get all the information related to the registration of your SIM. Moreover, on the basis of this website, detailed information about which operator you use is shown. So without any complications, you must publish your SIM details on the official website.

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