IVU Test Price in Nigeria

Generally, if there is a problem related to kidney function, a patient should first visit a kidney specialist. Currently there are very high quality kidney specialist doctors chambering in cities in Nigeria. Only highly educated and experienced doctors provide treatment in this type of nephrology department.

A nephrology specialist can understand the correct status of IVU test. Today we are going to give you some idea of ​​why IVU test is usually done and how much it might cost you to get this test done at different diagnostic centers in different cities in Nigeria. So stay with us without delay and find out the current total cost of IVU test in Nigeria from here.

Why should I do an IVU test?

Someone asked I live in Abuja, Nigeria and I went to a Nephrology doctor because I suddenly felt a lot of pain in my abdomen. That doctor advised me to do IVU test along with other tests. Now I don’t understand why IVU test will be done.

Let me inform you correctly that through IVU test, complete kidney function is checked along with various problems of urology function. Through the intravenous program test, the kidney bladder and the tubes that contain each part are seen very well.

The test is a very expensive test and may take a lot of time to conduct. So if you stay in Abuja city then you can contact the big diagnostic center where IVU test is done.

For this test, a type of dye is injected into the human body through which the kidneys and ureters and bladders in your body float very nicely on the X-ray. By doing this, if there is any problem in the kidney, any problem in the remaining kidney duct, if there is any problem in the ureter or ureter, it will be caught there.

It usually shows a lot of detail about how well a kidney is working and where it’s getting blocked if it’s not working properly. So if the doctor advises you to do IVU test then you must accept it.

Pre-preparation for IVU test

Now if you are asking if there is any pre-preparation required for IVU test then yes of course there is. And this pre-preparation is so important for IVU test that the better you prepare the better the chances of your test result. there is

Here you have to fast according to the doctor’s advice and as per the doctor’s advice you have to come to the x-ray chamber and undergo the IVU test through the technologist there. However, an assistant doctor must be present during the eye view test.

How much does an IVU test cost in Nigeria today?

If I talk about the various big diagnostic hospitals in Nigeria today, if you go there for an IVU test it will cost you N60,000 Nigerian currency.

Naturally, it would be very difficult for a poor Nigerian citizen to spend so much money and suddenly get tested. If you don’t have financial support then you can wait for some time and get tested after collecting the money. But the reason why you need to get this test done today or tomorrow is because it is possible to diagnose your disease correctly.

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