Madhumati Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price & Tracking

The name of the intercity train that runs on the Rajshahi to Goland route is Madhumati Express. We all probably know about Madhumati Express train. This very famous intercity train of Bangladesh not only runs from Rajshahi to Goland but also in various other forms. Due to which this Madhumati Express train is so well known to people.

Many people know about Madhumati Express train but not about its schedule or fare. However, this Madhumati Express train is currently running on Gowaland route from Rajshahi. Many people are traveling with him. But currently those of you who want to go from Rajshahi to Gwaland or want to go from Gwaland to Rajshahi. They can travel in this train very easily.

But to travel in this train you need to know about the schedule and fare of this train. Many of you may be thinking about that. So if you want to know about this Madhumati Express train Or want to know about its schedule and fares. But you need to read this entire article carefully. From which you can easily understand when this Madhumati Express train departs from Rajshahi to Goland Station.

So without further delay read our article carefully right away. And know your unknown Madhumati Express train related information.

Madhumati Express Train Schedule:

Madhumati Express train runs on Rajshahi to Gowaland route every time and back again from Gowaland to Rajshahi. So you can go to Rajshahi from Goland on this train.

Or you can go to Goland from Rajshahi. But you need to know the specific timing of this Madhumati Express train departure time. So for your convenience we are publishing this Madhumati Express train schedule.


(Rajshahi to Goland)
Departure time :08:13
Arrival Time : 15:00
Holiday: Thursday

(Goaland to Rajshahi)
Departure time: 15:00
Arrival time : 20:20
Holiday: Thursday

The Madhumati Express train runs according to this specific time. So know that these times will be good.

Madhumati Express Train Fare:

Madhumati Express train has different cabin arrangements. In which you can go through different scaffolding. Or you can travel by renting this Madhumati Express train within your means.

The cabins that are available in this Madhumati Express train are, Sobhan Chair, Snigdha, First Seat, First Berth. All these cabins are available in Madhumati Express train. So for those of you who don’t know how much you have to pay to travel to all these cabins. They instantly know about the ticket price of each cabin of this Madhumati Express train.


Decorative Chair: 505 Tk
Snigdha: 966 Tk
First seat: 1156 Tk
First berth: 1781 taka

Here you have noticed the price of each cabin of Madhumati Express train. From which you don’t have to get confused about the fare anymore, you can buy the ticket of the cabin of your choice with a fixed fare.

Madhumati Express Train Tracking:

Madhumati Express train runs on Rajshahi to Goland route. Many passengers travel in this train. As many passengers are traveling in this train. In that case many people can have many kinds of danger. In that case, his relatives cannot contact him.

You can easily find out where he is or where the train is currently. Where exactly is that passenger or where is the train? To know that you first need to go to the SMS option through a mobile phone. Name of the train after writing TR and giving space. Or if you send 16318 to this number with the train code number. You will know where the train is currently located and accordingly you can track that train.

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