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Sitel Group is a privately owned contact center company headquartered in Miami, Florida. It provides outsourced sales, technical support, customer service, and other business processes for large companies. The company has 160,000 employees and $1.7 billion in revenue. MAXConnect is a workforce communications app that connects associates of Sitel Group.

In association with Sitel companies are now following digital methods to sell products in their operations and markets. So if you are now a customer for the purpose of collecting all kinds of information regarding their products or if you are aiming to do business with them, now you can know all the information through their official application and software. To this end, we have analyzed some information with you through today’s article that will be of great benefit to you.

In the above section only for you I have shared detailed information about how to login through their official website and open account without any problem. If you follow our instructions correctly, you can definitely open your account and collect all kinds of product related information from your profile. So without wasting time you can base all your activities online from here as soon as possible.

maxconnect.sitel.com Login


Sitel being a popular company in America now all their activities are brought under online and every moment they are providing proper service to their customers. Since you are using their products regularly and taking up dealership with them, you have increased your business through them. Logging into their office server has become an important task for you.

We have shared here for you an official link to access their server. You must click on the official link and a username password setting webpage will appear in front of you. You use your username password in the appropriate place and click on login option. Your account will be entered as soon as you click on the login option if the information provided by you is correct. Then you will now be shown information about all their products and how they are currently in demand in the marketplace.

Sitel Max Connect APK App for Android & IOS

Maxconnect Sitel has now used their official application so that their users now get all kinds of services. Since you are going to get all kinds of updated information regarding their products, you need to install their official application right now. As an Android user, you can now enter the Google Play Store and install their official application. On the other hand, those who use iPhone can enter their app store and install the official application.

All kinds of activities are now being participated on the basis of their official website without mobile application. So there is no reason to despair even if their application is not working properly because you can now log-in based on their official server and know all the daily information.

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