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There is a saying that health is wealth and based on this saying we can understand that if you are in good health both your body and mind are good. People in Bangladesh and all over the world constantly want to go to different countries for their work. There are also many people who are migrating to the Mediterranean countries including Europe and Asia to spend their free time. In general, when a person is interested in moving to another country, he must have a medical report along with his passport and visa.

Whether it is for the purpose of traveling abroad or if you are moving to the Middle East countries for work, now you must undergo a medical test and it is not possible to do this medical test in any hospital near you. After a person’s passport and visa are completed, he is tested at several centers in Dhaka and Chittagong for medical tests. In all these places, when you complete various types of tests, especially now for the corona epidemic, all such tests are done to see if there is any type of virus in your blood.

Only those who are in good health and have no serious illness are allowed to go abroad. Whenever you do any type of medical test your report is published within a week. But now there is no need for you to wait in a long line for the medical report, you will only be tested by going to Sasharil and later you can check your medical test report online.

Medical tests are done in several health centers and hospitals in Dhaka and Chittagong and you must do your medical tests here before going abroad. Now the question is how you will collect the report after completion of medical test. Due to which we have shared with you here all the rules for getting the medical test report and if you follow them you can now check your medical test report online.

Medical Report Check Online

Due to the development of information and communication technology, there is no longer any need for us to wait for a long time to check medical reports. Now you can check your medical report online from home. But you must know the correct instructions in checking the medical report online. Due to which in this discussion part we have shared with you how to check medical report online.


  • First, turn on the Internet connection of your mobile phone or computer and from there open a browser and enter the website
  • After the official home page, two interfaces will appear in front of you where you have to enter your passport number, GCC medical slip number and which country you are a citizen of.
  • So enter your passport number correctly and select the country from which you want to travel abroad.
  • Click Generate to view your medical report.
  • Finally you will be shown the medical report that you have.

Saudi Arabia Medical Report Check

Every year, thousands of people from Bangladesh travel to Saudi Arabia, the most developing country in the Middle East, for their work. If your passport and visa are completed, then you are sent for medical test and if you complete the medical test, you can now check the report online. To check the medical report for going to Saudi Arabia, you can see all the reports based on your passport number by entering the instructions given above and the website link.

Malaysia Medical Report Check

You may have decided to go to Malaysia and you have already passed the medical test to go to this country. However, for your information, it is necessary to collect the medical report after the medical test for the purpose of going to Malaysia. You must follow our instructions here properly to collect the medical report.


To check the medical report for going to Malaysia, firstly visit the official link given by us Mention your used passport number correctly in the appropriate space. After selecting the country from which you want to check the medical report, it will be entered into your account and you can view the Malaysian medical report from there.

After checking your medical report you may see unfit written for several reasons. Do you know if there is any disease your medical report may come unfit. So let’s know the correct information about your medical report may come unfit if there is any disease after doing medical test while going abroad.

  • HIV Positive
  • Skin Disease
  • Jaundice
  • Heart Problem
  • Breath or Asthma.

You must try to follow all the instructions shared in the above section to check your medical report properly. We hope that you can easily access your server based on this information and view your medical test report very easily.

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