Mymensingh to Kishoreganj Train Schedule & Ticket Price

If you want to know about Mymensingh to Kishoreganj train schedule and ticket fare. Then I’d say you’ve come to the right place. Because we are going to publish in this post, about Mymensingh to Kishoreganj train schedule and ticket fare. Besides, you will get some tips from here. Which will be very useful in train movement all over Bangladesh.

At present, the trains of Bangladesh are built in a modern and standard manner. Almost all trains are now operated by modern and speedy engines. Due to which passengers do not face any difficulty or delay in reaching their destination.

Also train travel allows you to enjoy many beautiful and comfortable journeys. Which is not possible in any other vehicle. And traveling by train will also save you money. Because passengers have to pay much less fare due to train travel.

This is why the demand for trains in Bangladesh is so high. The benefits that passengers get as a result of traveling by train. No other vehicle will ever get these pictures. So those who will go from Mymensingh to Kishoreganj by train, please complete the following documents. From which you can easily understand about the trains of this route and its schedule.

Mymensingh to Kishoreganj Train Schedule


Only one train runs from Mymensingh to Kishoreganj intercity. This train is constantly running in such a way that people don’t have to face any kind of inconvenience. People can travel freely through this intercity train. There is no delay due to the train journey so they do not waste any time and can go to their work on time. Below is the train schedule.


Train Name Vijay Express (786)
Departs from Mymensingh at 20:30 hrs
Reached Kishoreganj at 22:35
Holiday: Thursday

Know the intercity train schedule well. If you don’t remember the time of this city. If you don’t know then you will be confused again. You never know when you will reach the station. So check the schedule of this train carefully.

Mymensingh to Kishoreganj Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

A mail express train runs on Mymensingh to Kishoreganj route. This train is also a very good quality train of Bangladesh which has been plying this route for many years.

The name of the train is Isha Khan
Departs Mymensingh at 12:00
Reach Kishoreganj :15:00
Holidays: None

This mail express train also runs as per its schedule. So you have to keep the time thing in mind. No train timings can be missed. As a result you may miss the train.

Mymensingh to Kishoreganj Train Ticket Price

All the trains to go from Mymensingh to Kishoreganj train. The fares of those trains are almost at the same level. Its fare is different only according to the seat category.

Mymensingh to Kishoreganj trains travel twice and there are three types of seat sections. Such as decorative, decorative chair and first seat. These are the three previously divided route train seat sections. In this, you will get different benefits, so you have to pay the rent separately. If you want to go from Shobhan section then you have to pay 105 Tk.


If you want to go from decorative chair category then you have to pay 120 rupees. And another category that is first seat you have to pay 155 rupees. So you can reach Kishoreganj by fare of maximum 155 taka on this route.

And to travel in these trains you need to purchase tickets from the ticket counter of the station according to the seat. Never travel to Journey Cot by train without a ticket. As a result, you may face a lot of harassment. So definitely buy the ticket and make the train journey.


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