Natore to Santahar Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Are you looking for Natore to Santahar train schedule and ticket fare list? But I’d say you’ve come to the right place. As we are going to reveal in this article. About Natore to Santahar train schedule and ticket fare list. Which may be very important for you to know. You will also get to know some such tips in this article. Which will be very useful in train journey across Bangladesh.

At present we observe some trains in every route of Bangladesh. Trains which are operated according to the government. As the Bangladeshi trains are government owned, the common people of this country can enjoy many benefits by traveling by train. Because Bangladeshi trains provide many benefits to common people. which the general public can enjoy and live affordably. You can travel by train on every route with a very low fare.

And in less time you will reach the destination. Due to which your precious time will not be wasted. However, intercity trains plying on Natore to Santahar route. You can enjoy various benefits in these. Especially in intercity trains one can enjoy more benefits. As you can sleep on the journey. There are sleeping arrangements for you in intercity trains. Intercity trains also have good facilities for food and prayers.

Apart from this, journeys can be made in inter-city trains through different types of entertainment. Due to which the journey becomes more interesting and fascinating. So know Natore to Santahar route train schedule and ticket fare list in detail.

Natore to Santahar Train Schedule:



Train Name Varendra Express (731)
Departs from Natore at :16:18
Santahar reaches :17:10 time
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Titumir Express (733)
Departs from Natore at :07:47
Santahar arrives at :08:45
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name Banglabandha Express (804)
Departure from Natore at :22:46
Santahar arrives at :00:00
Holiday: Saturday

The name of the train is Uora Express (16).
Departs from Rajshahi at 12:30
Santahar reaches :16:14 time
Holidays: None

You have noticed the train schedule here. These trains run regularly on Natore to Santahar route. These trains run according to specific timings. Due to which the train passengers do not have to face any difficulty regarding the time. Passengers can catch these trains only if they arrive at the station on time.

So if you want to travel from Natore to Santahar by these trains. But you also need to know these times well. Because if you go to the station outside this time, you will not get these trains. So you have to be present at the station according to this fixed time but you can catch these trains.

List of Natore to Santahar Train Ticket Fare:

You don’t have to pay much fare to go from Natore to Santahar. If you travel by train. But to go to other vehicles you have to pay double the fare than the train. Only trains can offer you an affordable journey. But you can go on these trains at different fares. Because these trains have different cabins. Which have different benefits. For all these different facilities, different rents have to be paid in these cabins.


But if you want to rent the lowest amount. Then you have to take seat from the decorative section. For this you have to pay a fare of 45 rupees which is the minimum fare of these trains. And if you want to enjoy maximum benefits in these trains. In that case you have to choose the sweet category. For that you have to pay 160 rupees rent. In exchange for which you can enjoy the maximum benefits of a train. Also these trains have several more cabin sections. In which you can go to different houses.

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