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Nanyang Technological University is a research university in Singapore. The oldest and most autonomous research university in Singapore, this institution has been providing higher education to Singaporean students for a long time. Due to which the development of information technology touches every step of the university. As Singapore is a developed country, the use of internet in education is excessive. The Nanyang Technological University is an old university but now all their activities are online based.

The Nanyang Technological University for all students studying online based class routine results all activities and academic instructions are published through their official server. Although an official website has been created to review all their institutional activities, a server is launched only for the purpose of teaching students. The server has all the information of each student and students can participate in online classes through this service.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss with you about the new website of Singapore’s oldest technological university, The Nanyang Technological University, which has been created only for students. So as a student you must login using your username password in the link given here or open an account as a new student.

NTULearn Login


NTULearn University recently launched their official server so that all the students under them can do all the activities online. In this situation we have shared a link for you to enter their website. You must click on the link and enter your username and password in the space that appears in front of you. Then click on the login option so that you can enter your account and perform all the current activities from your student dashboard.

NTU Student Link


Nanyang Technological University students who are currently studying or seeking fresh admission will surely find a login link on their dashboard. In order to help the students, we will share a link through the article today that you can enter your student ID just by clicking the link. But as soon as you click on the student link, you have to enter the correct information in the interface that will appear in front of you. Such as your student ID and your password given by the authority. Finally you can access your profile through the student link.

NTU Check Timetable

All the activities of Nanyang Technological University are done online due to which their academic activities such as their exam routine results are shared through the official website. No matter which class you are studying now the exam schedule for you is shared on the official website as soon as it is published. We have shared a link here, as soon as you click on the link, all the information about the exam schedule will be shown in front of you.

Nanyang Technological University is playing the most important role in Singapore’s education system due to which thousands of students are admitted for higher education in this university every year. Their official website is working to do all the activities of the academy digitally. So as a student it is your responsibility to know all the information related to their website and login.

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