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Online Surveys for Money in Germany – Best Survey Website

If you are living in Germany then I want to tell you that now you can earn extra money online while living in a developed country. Currently, many people are looking for opportunities to earn money from home while sitting in Germany. Among all the means of earning money in Germany, the most significant popular role is the survey. If you have practical experience of doing online surveys then it will be much easier for you to do this task.

Due to which we are going to discuss with you today about some of the most popular survey websites of the time, through which you can easily earn from home in Germany. So you can start your survey by joining any one of the websites from our list below. So without wasting time choose any one of the sites from below and keep working accordingly.

Online Surveys for Money in Germany

Those who want to earn money by surveying, especially from Germany, have become much easier now because people here have improved so much with information and communication technology that now everyone wants to do surveys from home. But the sad thing is that there are many people who know about the survey website and are not even aware about the work of e-survey.

Survey is a process through which all the products or employees belonging to a company or organization are collected. That is, especially multinational companies do a kind of survey to collect all the information of their products and customers. Nowadays these jobs are in huge demand in the online marketplace due to which there are many people who are earning thousands of dollars daily by joining this job.

Best Money Making Apps in Germany 

For those who have decided to earn money by doing money surveys, we have mentioned several websites here and also given some ideas about how to work on these websites. So you can definitely earn thousands of dollars per month by working on this website.

Swagbucks Germany

Swagbucks is currently the world’s most popular website and application through which surveys are conducted. This website has more than four million users who are earning a lot of money by working here regularly. In addition to doing surveys, you can earn a lot of money by doing various types of shopping, cashback offers, etc., by watching online videos or by doing cashback.

How to Make Money in Germany as a Student

Germany is one of the several countries that have been given the opportunity to earn money from Swagbucks. After working here you can withdraw money through PayPal or gift card. If a new customer registers on this website, they will get $5 as a registration bonus. Later, if you can earn 25 dollars, then you will definitely be able to figure out his payment.

PineCone Research Germany 

One of the highest-paid survey sites in Germany is PineCone. After entering this website you have to complete the destination and you can do the minimum 3 dollar survey which may take a long time. But the sad thing is that it is very difficult to earn money from it regularly and only professional surveyors can continue working for a long time. So if you want to work for a long time then definitely show a professional survey on this website.

Toluna Germany

Toluna is a survey website which is running all over the world and on this website you can find all kinds of jobs in your native language. Even if you live in Germany, you can do daily surveys here by selecting the German server. You can also earn a bit extra by creating polls on the site yourself if other members like it and interact with it. Toluna also often has free contests you can participate in.

Working on this website is very easy due to which anyone working through the site can easily withdraw through paypal or gift card. But after earning money through this website, you may have a little problem in withdrawing money. It takes you more than two to one week for the money to reach the PayPal account due to which many people are not interested in working through this website.

YouGov Germany

Each of the websites that we have mentioned in the above section is effective worldwide, that is, you can earn money by doing surveys from any part of the world. But the website we are going to compare with you in the discussion section is generally made for Germans only. Money can be earned through this website only by doing surveys, so those who want to earn money by investing can invest money on this website.

It is easy to join, and a great thing about YouGov is that you on the website can see the results of previously conducted surveys. Contrary to many other sites on this list YouGov does not offer to payout through PayPal, and you have to choose between the products they offer or get a bank transfer.


In this part of the discussion, we are going to introduce you to another great survey website through which you can do surveys from Germany. Various opportunities are provided through this website through which it is possible to get your survey within a very easy time and within a short period of time you will get payment. In addition to doing surveys, you can show different types of videos through this website, participate in my contact daily bonus and also many other wonderful small tasks that will help you to earn money.

After earning money here, you can easily do it through PayPal or gift card. If you have earned more than five dollars in your account, you can withdraw that money by transferring it through PayPal. We think if you want to earn money through this website or watch videos then this website is best for you.

Each of the websites that we have mentioned for you are very effective and have been able to reach the position they are today after working faithfully for a long time. So those of you who want to earn money from Germany by doing services must follow our instructions and can earn money through the website very quickly.


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