We constantly use different types of products in our daily use and among these products, the useful products can be of RFL brand. Since RFL is a popular company in Bangladesh, now we have got the products of this company within reach in every corner of the country. The dealers who are doing the most important work to deliver all RFL products to us are our dealers.

This company provides thousands of dealers every year and all these dealers and representatives can deliver to us all the products that we need on a daily basis. As a dealer, when you want to conduct your business activities with RFL, you need to log into their online based portal. Because at present RFL company is conducting all their activities consistently in a completely digital way.

Through this article today, we have shared with you how to open an account in the official portal of RFL, how to connect with RFL as a dealer and all the information related to login through this website. Here we have shared each and every information for you in a phased manner due to which you as a dealer can easily access their server by following them.


PRAN, RFL, RUNNER dealers use this website www RFL web do to easily check product order, order entry and know various information about goods. Many people know this company as Runner RFL Group or Pran-RFL Group. But many people may be familiar with this website RFL WEB DO because you may be using RFL’s products only but those who have accepted the dealership of RFL are generally familiar with this website.

So today let us share with you RFL WEB DO as a dealer how to participate in all the activities through their website and get correct information updates about all their daily required products. But remember that only you as a dealer can enter this website of RFL.


RFL WEB DO RFL To enter the data of any product, first you need to login through their website, because of which you have to use a specific username and password. There are many people who do not know how to login through this website or any correct information about their website link. For them, we have shared their official website link here and once you click on this link, you will get the option to set username and password.

Then click on Order Entry on the left side and select your SR Assign step by step, enter the Item and Quantity from the product list. Finally click on Save. Then click on Active Order from the left side, then click on Active All from the top on the right side. In this way, you can collect information about each product through the official website of RFL in a short period of time.

Runner RFL Web Do


There are many dealers who usually have a lot of worries about how to use RFL WEB DO and to eliminate this we have shared here every rule in a row. You must try to follow our instructions properly so that you can enter your account in a short time and know all kinds of information regarding the product.

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