Today Rod Price in Bangladesh 2024 KSRM, BSRM, Muntaha Rod New Rate

If you want to build a house or any structure then the most important raw material for building a residence etc. in your court is road. From laying foundation stones to welding roofs, our rods have uses in every field. Rod is an object that strengthens our houses. If you want to buy rods for building a house in Bangladesh, then you must know about the price of rods according to the current market.

The price of the rod is generally dependent on the fuel oil, when the price of the fuel oil increases in the international market, the price of the rod increases. For those of you who want to know about the price of rods in Bangladesh today, I would like to say that we have been able to publish today’s rod prices here according to the market. Due to the increase in the price of oil due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, the price of the rod in Bangladesh has increased a lot compared to before.

So the good news for those of you who are looking for rod prices as per today’s market is that we have mentioned here the rod prices of each brand including rod price per kg and rod price per ton. You can buy any brand of rod you like but before buying remember to buy it from the market by following the price that we have mentioned here.

Rod Price in Bangladesh Per KG

The rod usually depends on the kg. Make an estimate of how many kg of rod you will buy from your home carpenter. According to their instructions, you need to buy the amount of fat required to build your house from the nearest hardware store. Remember that Bangladesh has a syndicate that controls the price of these rods. For your information, we have published here the current price of rod per kg in Bangladesh market.

We keep updating rod prices here daily by mentioning the market rates here. You can buy the amount of road you need from the road market. According to the list given in the below section you can compare the prices of the rods that have been determined after getting the news from the market.

Rod Per KG 84 Taka to 88 Taka

Rod Price Per Ton in Bangladesh Today

You will buy the rod from the market based on how much rod you need. For your reference we have published here the price list of rods per ton in the current market. You can purchase according to the brand of your organization from the list below.

On our website, the price information of various types of goods is updated daily, except for the current price of rods in Bangladesh. So you can buy any product from the market especially after following the money given through our website before buying the rod.



Hope you have got to know about the correct idea of ​​the current rod price in quintal in Bangladesh. If you know anything beyond this information, you can say it in the comment box below, I will try to give you that information.

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