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Skyward is Canyons School District’s records management system for students and employees. Parents/Guardians. Skyward Canyons currently has a dedicated server to update all student and parent information. Now you can easily update your information on this server. No matter which educational institution you are studying now, you have to join their server and complete the login.

In this case you have to follow the correct instructions otherwise it is not possible to login to their official website. Because of which we will share several information related to how to login Skyward Canyons which will help you to login Skyward Canyons. Skyward Canyons authorities provide special services to students and now update all information through the site for parents and all their employees.

So whether you are a student or a parent or an employee of any institution under them you must login to their website. However, if you face any kind of problem in this case, you must login properly. To help you, as always, we have shared some information here through which you can easily log in to Skyward Canyons and follow all their activities. Also for you we have shared detailed information about how all activities are performed on this website.

Canyons Online Login


If you have a username and password, you can now log in to their website in a short time. In this case, you must collect the User ID provided by your college or university. After visiting the official website, the login interface will be shown in front of you. Click there and enter your username and password and click on the login option. Finally your profile will be entered and from there you can follow all Canyons activities.

Skyward Registration

If you do not have an account with Skyward, you must register now. Because of which you have to visit their official website first. After coming to the official homepage, click on the registration option. Enter your email address or mobile number in the space provided. Mention your name address the educational institution under which you are studying. Next, enter the active code number that will be given to your email account or mobile number. Finally your registration is complete and you can now perform all activities as a member of their website.

Skyward Family Access

Apart from the students, a special system has been introduced to login their parents and other family members. After you visit the official website, you have to click on the login option and first you have to select whether you have opened or want to open an account. As soon as you want to login to the official website as a member of the family, you must select it. You will be given the opportunity to login after providing your username and password appropriately.

Skyward Employee Access


In order to become an employee of Skyward you must login through their official website. To officially monitor your daily activities you need to log in and provide daily attendance. Moreover, to get accurate information about any upcoming event, you have to login using your username and password as an employee.

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