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Sonali e Wallet Helpline Number

Sonali Bank, the most popular bank in Bangladesh, has recently launched an online based mobile banking service. Now Sonali Bank’s progress in digital transactions is faster than other state-owned banks. You can transfer any amount of money from one end of the country to the other at home with the help of e-wallet.

However, due to the newness of this service, the customer is feeling a little complicated. You can use this service with the permission of the branch in case any transaction related issues or apps are not working properly or you want to use it on the new phone. Today we will show you how to solve wallet related problems from a single phone call or e-mail from home.

Sonali e Wallet Helpline Number

With Sonali Bank, it is now possible to make any kind of transaction from home. If you have any problems with money transactions, you can contact their helpline number directly. In this age of information technology, you do not have to visit any Sonali Bank branch directly to know any problem or information.

Since Sonali Bank Authority launched digital banking services, you can now get any help through online hotline number. Their helpline numbers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve customers. That is why you can report any problem to them and they will give you important information very soon and try to solve your problem.

Nagad Customer Care & Helpline Number

So for those of you who are looking for Sonali Wallet helpline numbers, we have published here a list of the numbers that are currently available from the official website. Find out your number from your part and let them know by talking to the helpline number about your problem.

  • Contact Number: 01406000000=>4=>4.
  • Email Address:

The details of the problems you can contact the helpline number are given below.

  • If a customer shows up when the account shows not found, then it should be understood that your mobile number has not been entered properly so this problem is occurring. To solve your problem you can contact the nearest Sonali Bank branch directly with your National Identity Card.
  • If you have trouble logging in to your wallet, you can change your password or PIN number.
  • If you repeatedly enter the wrong password while your wallet is locked, your wallet will be locked, so refrain from giving the password again and again.
  • Robi number in bank account opened with bKash account Airtel number If you want to know if both the accounts will have open bkash link with your national identity card.

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