Teletalk Social Pack Code 2024 (Facebook, IMO, WhatsApp)

Social media is one of the means of exchanging thoughts, feelings and information of human mind as well as we build relationships with each other through social media. 

Due to the advancement of information and technology, social media is one of the best ways to get close to our friends and family. 

The country’s popular mobile operator Teletalk has recently launched several social packs through a new campaign. 

Teletalk subscribers will be able to use social internet at a very low cost.  Today we have presented the detailed information through which you will get Teletalk’s social pack list as well as the activation code has been discussed.

Teletalk Social Pack List

Those of you who are Teletalk subscribers have already got an idea about Teletalk’s internet service.  This mobile operator has been providing high speed internet service along with internet pack at the lowest price in the country for many years. 

It is very important for us to stay connected with social media in order to regularly exchange all the information and get news on social media. 

However, according to the announcement of BTRC in 2018, all the internet subscribers were disappointed after the free Facebook service was discontinued across the country. 

To alleviate this frustration, the country’s only government teletalk operator has introduced low cost internet for its customers. 

With this social internet pack you can use various social media including Facebook Emo Viber WhatsApp Instagram. 

We’ve had a detailed discussion and list of Intake Social Packs here and hopefully you’ll see it here and purchase an offer of your choice.

Teletalk Facebook Pack

Facebook is currently the most popular website where we spend most of the day.  Those of you who are Teletalk subscribers will definitely want to use Facebook on your mobile through internet.

 Although the free Facebook Delta has shut down the company, it has launched a number of low-cost Facebook packs that have received a huge response from customers.  You will feel comfortable using these pads as well as you can use Facebook Messenger Facebook Official Apps.

Teletalk WhatsApp Pack

In this part of the discussion we will discuss WhatsApp Internet Pack, one of the social media.  Teletalk mobile operator has recently launched a number of WhatsApp internet packs whose advertisements have been published on the internet and television as well as through official websites. 

To use this popular video audio call sharing app you need to activate Teletalk’s social pack.  Detailed information regarding the offer is discussed below.

Teletalk Imo Pack

IMO Video and Audio Call Sharing is an active mobile application through which we can communicate with any friend or family from far and wide.  However, to use this app, you must have an internet connection on your mobile. 

However, if you are a Teletalk subscriber then there is a golden opportunity for you as Teletalk has recently unveiled several emo packs. 

These attractive offers are only for Teletalk prepaid and postpaid users.  We would like to inform you that you must activate this pack without wasting time and connect with everyone through IMO mobile app.

Teletalk Instagram Pack

If you are a Teletalk subscriber and you are a user of Instagram social website then the good news for you is that Teletalk has launched Instagram. 

Last year, in 2021, Teletalk authorities announced through an official that a list was published on the website with the aim of launching several social packs on Instagram. We have discussed that list here.

Pack will be added very soon.

Terms and Conditions

In addition to offering social internet packages, Teletalk mobile operators have imposed a number of restrictions. Before purchasing an offer, you must follow these restrictions or you will not be able to activate the social pack in any way. 

  • Teletalk’s prepaid and postpaid users are covered by this offer. 
  • You will have to buy the package again after the expiration date.
  • There is no chance to extend the period by buying any other package. 
  • Social Pack can only browse the mentioned fox website, your data charge will be deducted in case of visiting any other website. 
  • Teletalk mobile operator authority can reduce and increase the social package rate at any time. 
  • All these offers are applicable while the campaign is running.

Last Words

As Teletalk Mobile Operator is the only government operator in the country, low cost internet service is provided.  The number of subscribers of this mobile operator is increasing day by day, providing only the lowest rate internet as well as the best mobile network in the country.  You must verify your social pack with the information given above.

We hope you will use the social internet pack of your choice from our list, but keep in mind that the Teletalk operator urges you to buy all the internet packs including VAT.  If there is any problem activating, let us know in the comment box below and we will solve your problem.


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