Top 10 Rare Bundle in Free Fire 2023 (Updated)

Garena Free Fire was launched worldwide in 2017 due to which this most action-oriented game has gained immense popularity. This game is currently downloaded on Google Play Store only this year. So you can understand how much popularity this game has gained all over the world. To enjoy these games, you have to purchase various packages which are usually given to you as a premium by FIFA authorities.

If you buy all these offers then you will see that you can play as a professional player. Garena Free Fire authorities have now launched their professional mode for their players due to which you can now use their premium version with better graphics and all the tools they have. In today’s discussion, we are going to share with you the current top ten rare bundles of free fire that will make you more attracted to playing free fire games and you can activate them and play as a professional player.

Top 10 Rare Bundle in Free Fire

As a professional gamer it is very important that you always have the free fire game version to use. Because these premium versions will provide you with so many advantages of playing the game which you will not find in any other version. In the discussion, we are going to share with you about the bundles that are currently very popular in Free Fire. A short list has been published below which you can avail by purchasing any bundle offer of your choice.

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Free fire rarest bundle name Launch event name
Electric shock bundle Firestorm diamond royal Event
Iron blade bundle Top-up Event
Purple shade bundle Mystery Shop 5.0 Event
Samurai bundle Zombie Samurai Event
Golden shade bundle Incubator Event
Dino’s bundles Loot Crate
Breakdance bundle Breakdance diamond royal Event
Hip Hop bundle Season 2 Elite Pass
Sakura bundle Sakura diamond royal Event
Green criminal Top green criminal bundle Event

Electric Shock 

The first bundle on our list that we are going to share with you is Electric Shock. Usually the second season of Free Fire is launched and they have provided a special character for their users where they have any character created hairstyle is very easy to change. When you apply for this bundle pack you will see that the hair of the character you have is shining golden color.

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The whole costume is based on robot style and has golden lines on it, which sparks shock. This costume is one of the rarest costumes because it was launched significantly earlier, and the thing which makes this costume more attractive is the character’s hair. This costume was also featured in the Ludo Event for the second time.


Iron Blade 

One of the more popular of Free Fire’s rare bundles is the Iron Blade. If you can activate this iron blade then your character specialty will appear in front of you. After activating this bundle pack we see that you will get ponytail-style hair with a red mask, a jacket, trousers, and shoes. Also, Garena free fire has featured this bundle 2 – 3 times in the game,


Purple Shade 

In this part of the discussion we are going to share with you the bundle offer which is currently the most popular and the least common offer on Free Fire. This bundle is generally based on Korean Anime. If a player activates this bundle, his character will change drastically where he will have new white hair, a max, a jacket, a pair of pant, shoes. In short, if you activate this bundle, you will notice that your free fire character has completely changed.


It is currently a unique and fantastic bundle of free fire which is why those who play this type of game are more interested in purchasing this bundle form of the offer. If you deactivate this bundle pack, you will see that your character has changed drastically and you look much scarier. Which can put your opponent in a much more embarrassing situation.


Golden Shade 

The Golden Set is a unique and one of the most popular bundles of free fire today. Most free fire cameras currently have this bundle activated so you can make massive changes to your character’s body if you want. If you deactivate this, you will see that bright tattoo is noticed in different parts of your body, which will make your character more colorful.



We are going to discuss with you an interesting bundle here in the list of 6 numbers of discussion. This bundle of tips called break dance has been able to gain tremendous popularity in the free fire game. This break dance bundle tips has been provided since the launch of free fire game but currently this break dance bundle is not available. But if you want, you can use the premium version and activate it now to enjoy this break dance.



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