Total Protein Test Price in Bangladesh

The test we will talk about today is the Total Protein Test. Let me tell you, albumin and globulin are two types of proteins in your body. This total protein test determines the amount of total albumin and globulin in your body.

Those of you who have been referred to a doctor by a doctor should read our full article and try to gather as much information as you need from the information provided here. So read the full article and try to gather important information from here.

Why do Total Protein Test?

This test will look at the ratio of albumin in your blood to see how much total protein your body has. So when you feel sick and go to the doctor and the doctor asks you to do this test, you must do this test thinking about your health.

If you don’t have the right amount of it, you may lose weight or you may have kidney or liver disease. Excess can cause your body to swell. So it’s not too late. If you have this kind of problem, then you must get tested. If you don’t get tested, you can get into trouble later.

What to do if Total Protein Test report is bad?

Proteins act as important building blocks for all cells and adolescents. If your body needs proteins for growth and health then these proteins will be needed. The two types of proteins in the blood secrete fluid from the blood vessels and the other proteins play an important role in the immune system.

So maybe you understand that if your blood report is bad then you are likely to have any kind of disease, one of which is kidney or liver disease. However, there are some medicines that can affect you in the test, which you can not take before the test and need to test properly.

There is a lot of unknown information about Total Protein Test

To do this test you need to donate blood. The test report is provided only through blood.

Check the protein ratio here so you can understand the ratio of this protein in your body.

The report of this test is given in a very short time so you have to be patient.

There is some important information about this country that may not be available in other tests. There are some drugs that may affect your test report. So try not to take these drugs before the test.

National medicines like insulin, estrogen, birth control pills, ammonia ions etc.

Total Protein Test Cost

We go to test but we can test if we don’t know how much it costs to test. However, before testing, we must know how much it will cost to test.

If you take the test in all government hospitals in Bangladesh and Karmitala government hospital, your maximum cost may be 100 Taka.

But if you want to teach the tests in big institutions like Popular Diagnostic Center and Islami Bank Hospital, it will cost you up to a maximum of Rs.

I am drawing everyone’s attention and I want to say that you should be the first to diagnose any disease and the first step in diagnosing the disease is to get tested. You can’t diagnose if you don’t test properly and you can’t recover if you don’t diagnose.

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